Aug 6 2017

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Zone Delivery USA

This is Mike Naples, the owner of Zone Delivery USA, we here at Zone Delivery USA believe that customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, we will do whatever it takes to make sure a customer has a wonderful experience with our service. It seems we are being attacked by one of our competitors, there have been a number of reviews recently trying to portray us in a negative light, it is ironic that all these reviews seem to be from different people, however, all are from around the same day. Noone has called us directly to complain about any experience they have had with our service and if you look at dates of our reviews you will see that our record is top notch, this leads us to believe that this is completely ficticious and again created by one of our competitors trying to do us harm. I ask that any of these so called customers or anybody that would like information call me on my direct number, 631-286-0759, so we can provide appropriate satisfaction for the experience they so called had. Again, my door is open, call 631-286-0759 if you are really there. Sincerely Michael Naples/President

  • Response to Comments by JMeyer

    This is Mike that was referenced in the review by JMeyer, I have checked our database and our records and can find no data for this person that has left this review. We believe that this was written by one of our competitors that is trying to bash us and make us look bad, we know which one it is. If anyone would like to speak to us or me about our company and would like more info about us feel free to contact us 631-286-0759.

  • Best of Them All

    I have been on many diet delivery programs, there is none better then Zone Delivery USA, they are so professional, the food is unbelievable, the people were spectacular to me, Joe and Mike are great. I don’t know what JMeyer is talking about, that is in no way what Zone Delivery USA is about.

    Don’t worry Mike we are behind you and they will not get away with what they are trying to do

  • Worst Food, Abnoxious service – want to take class action

    Since I signed up with Zone Delivery USA, they made a mistake in my food 3 of the first 4 days of starting with this company, plus 1 day they didnt deliver; I wanted to cancel since we were off to a bad start.

    I spoke with a Joe who was ok, but this guy Mike (I think he’s the owner) starting cussing and saying F this and that and refused to refund me! Even though they said that when we signed up. He went into a tirade and said if you try to take me on, I’ll put you on the mat . What a loser.

    This is unscrupulous business practice. I am contacting my credit card company to get legal company name so I can write to the New York State Attorney Generals Office as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs.

    If you have experience such service or breach of contract, please contact me at the NY State Attorney Generals Office. If there are enough people getting this service there could be a class action formed. It doesn’t take too many to form a class.

    Do not just contact your credit card co; also contact Zone Delivery USA’s merchant service processor. You can get this info from your credit card company.

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