Jan 14 2018

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antares pharma

Industry Leading Biometrics for Security and Authentication in Medical Facilities

Systems Automation & Compliance Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

GxP Compliant and Track-and-Trace Packaging Solutions

Consulting to HealthCare IT and Hospital CIOs

Mobile Application Development Services

Antares pharma


X yntek leverages decades of experience to offer our partners and clients the utmost in service and value across the pharmaceutical technology and automation consulting industry.

Antares pharma

Medical Device

Manufacturing & packaging automation in the medical device industry requires precise and meticulous process engineering for compliance risk mitigation and maximum productivity.

Antares pharma

Healthcare IT

The XyNexus offering has recently headlined across the industry as the next generation of technological innovation in the evolving world of Healthcare IT.

Off the Press

X yntek , in collaboration with PCI Pharma Services, Antares, Crest Solutions, 3C Integrity, Multi-Packaging Solutions (MPS), will host a free serialization and Anti-Counterfeiting Forum on November 21 at Heathrow Windsor Marriott Hotel, London, UK.

X yntek will continue to offer Antares Tracking Systems platform; Partnership has led to hundreds of implemented serialization lines throughout the U.S.

X yntek Inc. has announced another milestone in their continued growth and success of the company. X yntek has recently opened a new Midwest office to meet the growing demands of customer engagements regionally.

X yntek , Inc., a Global Leader in Real-Time Information Technology and Industrial Automation solutions for the Life Sciences industry, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary.

Track-n-Trace Serialization Solutions

X yntek is proud to partner with Antares Vision as the Exclusive Partner of the world’s leading solution for serialization, track & trace, and e-pedigree in North America. X yntek -Antares’ unique global awareness and experience of the mass serialization market, standards, and implementations makes us an ideal partner for your emerging needs. X yntek -Antares offers a suite of proven Track-and-Trace Serialization Solutions to help you define and execute on a serialization strategy that covers the factory floor and packaging lines through the entire enterprise and Supply Chain.

Antares pharma

Biometrics in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Based on the globally supported ID Center software, X yntek ‘s biometric solution provides instant sROI with cutting-edge security and authentication technology for both legacy systems and new applications. Seamless API integration and out-of-box compatibility with many applications make this an attractive offering in the Healthcare IT and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Antares pharma

Mobile Application Development Services

The mobile applications market is evolving rapidly and revenues are soaring for companies invested in the mobile business. At X yntek , we provide the expertise you will need to capitalize in this growing market and expand the customer base with applications that are cutting edge in technology and easy to use. Our services will give you the ability to design, develop and deploy successful applications. X yntek ‘s applications development team is comprised of experts who have the skills to develop, test and localize platform agnostic as well as native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows based mobile devices.

Antares pharma

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