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Working at Catalent Pharma Solutions: 95 Reviews #drug #company

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Catalent Pharma Solutions Employee Reviews in United States

PA II (Former Employee) Woodstock, IL November 28, 2015

Working here was ok. at first. There was a feeling of camaraderie back when it was Cardinal Health, but when Blackstone Group bought the factory, everything changed. They didn t know how to run the factory. The management team did a bad job and lost customers.They were sneaky and tried to find reasons to fire people. People that had been there for years. When they weren t firing them fast enough, they did a layoff. I m surprised the factory is still running.

Quality (Current Employee) Philadelphia June 23, 2015

Management are douche bags. Co-Workers are pretty good to work with. Very poor work to life ratio. You will find that your social life will be non-existent working here. Management are very shady and give promotions to people who dont deserve it while the ones who work hard are considered Happy to just have a job So if you like kissing management s behind in hopes to better yourself and dont have a social life this is a good place for you to work.

Good Pay, Vacation time

Billing Specialist, Finance (Current Employee) Philadelphia, PA May 31, 2015

A typical work week here is 50 hours at a low hourly rate
Great experience for people who had just received a degree, but the company has little to offer for staying longer than a year.

There is never enough time to sit back and review the manual day to day processes inherent within the finance department so everyone has to struggle just to keep up with the mounting responsibilities coming from multiple departments.

Mid Level Employee (Current Employee) Philadelphia, PA. May 12, 2015

If I was a person who felt unappreciated I would voice my opinion to my boss. If I felt like I worked free OT then I would voice my opinion to my boss. Lastly if I was so unhappy in my job that I took to a website to voice my opinion I would not act like a child I would seek other employment. No one makes anyone stay at a job you do it by choice. If you feel the grass is greener on the other side you can walk your butt right on out the door. A few have tried to be bigger than the team and they have went elsewhere, and as a result the team is better off.

Great Company to Work

Job Work/Life Balance

Catalent Pharma solutions is a good experience for entry level employees.

Scientist (Current Employee) Morrisville, NC June 9, 2015

Catalent Pharma Solutions is a good way to get experience for employees just starting out. For more experienced workers with families, it is not the best place to work. Although Catalent professes to provide its employees with development opportunities, those opportunities are not readily available. Benefits and pay is not at the level of most companies within the industry. Employees must supplement their income with second jobs perform the incentive work that Catalent offers which further takes more time away from your family. I stayed with Catalent so long because I loved my supervisor, the work we did on my group, and the people in the group I worked with. There were many opportunities to leave but I chose to stay out of loyalty to them. Now it is time to move on.

healthcare, micro managing your time by Senior Leadership Team

Glassware Coordinator (Former Employee) NC March 14, 2015

The most enjoyable thing about my job was knowing that I was giving it a 110% and making it fun while I was working.
I was always smiling.
When time allowed I helped out others to get their job done.
I was being trained to manage the Glassware Department.
I coordinated my team as to where they were stationed and their job for the day.
I authored and updated SOP s.
Purchased all supplies for the Team
Purchased the main supply of Glassware for the site.
Worked diligently with the EHS Department to help make our Company as safe as possible.
I typically worked 12 hours a day as I would gladly cover for someone that needed time off.
I enjoyed it all. )

breaks as needed

Scientist (Current Employee) Morrisville, NC April 22, 2014

You will be expected to work very long hours for very little pay! There seems to be a lot of back stabbing and throwing people under the bus! The company on the whole really does not care about the employees and the poor engagement shows.
Work here if you need a job and are desperate, but don t stop looking for something better.

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