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VoIP IVR Systems

VOIP IVR Systems combine VoIP technology with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automatic call answering software.

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The following is a list of vendors that provide interactive voice respone (IVR) phone systems and software solutions:

  • 3CLogic – Complete cloud based contact center solution including drag and drop IVR designer.
  • Asterisk IVR Solution – Custom Interactive Voice Response System development and deployment services in Asterisk based on custom client specification.
  • Advants IVR Technology from Stauffer Technologies, Inc. – Speech enabled Interactive voice response solutions and IVR hosting services. High Quality solutions at reasonable rates!
  • Anveo provides advanced IVR Call Flow solutions. Anveo includes FREE web based Drag-and-Drop Visual IVR Call Flow designer to easily create powerful IVR Call Flows.
  • Arcutel IVR – We provide an automatic telephony service to businesses of all sizes. You setup and have full control over your own IVR via our web based application. There is no investment required, we don’t charge extra for premium features, and the first month is free.
  • Contaque offers VoIP based predictive dialer with IVR. Voice Logger and other advance features
  • Custom IVR systems and services. Complete IVRS (interactive voice response systems).
  • Database Systems Corp. IVR Systems – IVR services, IVR Software and IVR Systems using VoiceXML data access protocal.
  • EasyIVR IVR Systems – Interactive voice response solutions including IVR hosting services and phone systems.
  • ITSPtec. Fully Customizable IVR system, with lots of features and built to customer specific retirements.
  • IEC SIP 2.0 IVR Server – VoiceXML 2.0, ASR/TTS, conferencing, call recording, Linux/Windows. Free Trial Download .
  • Invox IVR Solutions – Drag and drop designer, Invox, provides an enhanced IVR Solutions with Virtual PBX features. The designer won Best of Show during IT Expo. Out of box applications include payment over phone, surveys (type your questions and choose answer type), store locator, geographical routing, IM integration, CRM capture lead (Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho), CRM by Phone (with speech recognition), phone appointment scheduling and reminders, outbound automation, Skype/VoIP forwarding, disaster messaging, database integration and others.
  • IVR System Simulation Model – DSC IVR solution estimates resources required for an inbound calling campaign.
  • NicIVR, IVR solution for SIP based networks. Supports RADIUS and HTTP messaging.
  • Pronexus VoIP IVR VBVoice allows enhanced IVR solutions to be developed and deployed by combining VoIP/ SIP technology with other auxiliary technologies.
  • RingRoost – Simple to use Drag Drop IVR Setup, only take a few minutes.
  • Simeda SIP in Java and Javascript, free for personal use
  • Stauffer Technologies, Inc. – Speech enabled Interactive voice response solutions and IVR hosting services. High Quality solutions at reasonable rates!
  • VoiceGuide VoIP IVR software for fast deployment of inbound and outbound IVR services. Advanced graphical script designer. Extensive features and integration options. Example scripts provided. Scalable system proven to work handling hundreds of channels per server, while per line pricing makes it still affordable for smaller deployments.
  • Voicent VOIP IVR software
  • VOIP IVR phone systems and custom IVR voice messaging services.
  • Voisonics Limited. custom designed IVR development and hosting, VOIP consultancy.
  • Voicent IVR Studio offers VOIP IVR application development platform.
  • Voxeo VoipCenter SIP Media Server – supports VoiceXML. SRGS. SSML. conferencing, call recording, and SIP
  • Voxeo VoiceCenter IVR – easy to use, supports VoiceXML. CCXML. SRGS. SSML. ENUM. and SIP standards. Free hosted developer systems.
  • UCN offers innovative and cost-effective Hosted IVR Systems. CTI Software and Hosted ACD services.
  • Plum Voice is a provider of VoIP-based IVR solutions including scalable Hosted IVR and on-site IVR systems for developers and business of all sizes.
  • Smart Action is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Now your IVR can automate even complex calls cost effectively.
  • ICTBroadcast IVR – ICTBroadcast Autodialer is a bundled with an interactive web-based IVR Designer that enables its users to design custom IVR menus as they choose.IVR Designer is simple, easy to understand and is based on drag-and-drop feature.
  • ZONE IVR – Enhance your legacy PBX with IVR or deploy IVR on the cloud.
  • Call4smile – IVR Designer allows you to create advanced telephony systems with a simple drag-and-drop interface.Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create voice response applications in a web browser.
  • TekIVR is a SIP (Based on RFC 3261) Interactive Voice System (IVR) for Windows. TekIVR is tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10 and Windows 2003/2008/2012 server. You can create your own IVR scenario using built-in scenario editor. You can select your own audio files to be used in IVR scenario. TekIVR can also read-out texts using TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine and recognize user input via speech recognition. You can use Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) while defining prompts. TekIVR supports SAPI and MRCPv2 for TTS and ASR functions. It supports ITU G.711 A-Mu law codecs and UPnP for NAT traversal.

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