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#Top #generic #pharmaceutical #companies-Top generic pharmaceutical companies

Top generic pharmaceutical companies

New report: India’s top 100 pharmaceutical firms

By Kirsty Barnes

12-Oct-2006 – Last updated on 19-Jul-2008 at 15:16 GMT

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India is suddenly a safer place to research and manufacture pharmaceuticals, thanks to legal reform, raised manufacturing standards and reduced bureaucracy and Western pharma companies are now flooding back to do business in the country.

As a result, India’s pharma market now ranks fourth in the world after decades in oblivion and momentum is growing in its global competitiveness and profitability for both contract services and as a place to set up operations.

However, risk still lurks in legislation loopholes, niggling intellectual property concerns and poor infrastructure and companies venturing back to do business in the region still need to tread carefully.

The new report released by industry analyst firm Research and Markets, titled “Top 100 Indian Pharma Company Profiles,”‚Äč provides vital statistics and information on each of the Indian companies featured, as well as a company profile.

Details of the businesses include facilities and infrastructure, contacts, lines of business, product profile, R&D status, management team and their financial highlights for the past of four years.

Firms involved in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from formulation, bulk ingredients, contract manufacturing and contract research, right through to generic and patented drug developers and manufacturers are included in the report.

In alphabetical order, the companies are as follows:

Aarti Drugs, Abbott, Advik Laboratories, Ahlcon Parenterals, Ajanta Pharma, Alembic, Alpha Drug, Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises, Arvind Remedies, Astrazeneca Pharma, Atul, Aurobindo Pharma, Aventis Pharma.

Top generic pharmaceutical companies

Top generic pharmaceutical companies

Top generic pharmaceutical companies

A new report is available detailing the top 100 Indian pharmaceutical companies for those in the industry who have a business interest in this burgeoning region.
SOURCE: Top generic pharmaceutical companies Top generic pharmaceutical companies

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