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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in the USA

Review of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Industries in the USA 2014

Pharmaceutical sector is one of the most successful and largest industries in the USA. Pharmaceutical companies in the USA have grown rapidly compared to the other countries. Here is a list of pharmaceutical companies in USA that holds the top 10 position in the current year.

1. Johnson and Johnson . Headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States, Johnson and Johnson ranks No. 1 in the USA. Johnson and Johnson is the largest pharmaceutical company in the U.S. that was founded in the year 1886. It specializes in developing and manufacturing medical devices and pharmaceutical products so that people can lead a healthy life. Products developed by Johnson and Johnson are sold in more than 175 countries. Some of the most popular consumer products manufactured by this company are–Band-aid bandages, Johnson baby products, Acuvue contact lenses, Neutrogena skin care products, Clean Clear face wash, and Tylenol medications. Annual revenue of Johnson Johnson is almost $65.03 billion.

2. Pfizer : Headquartered in New York City, United States, Pfizer was founded in the year 1849 and it is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the USA. Annual revenue of Pfizer is almost $58.98 billion. Pfizer specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide array of drugs and vaccines for different health conditions such as, oncology, immunology, cardiac ailments, endocrinology, neurology, etc. This global pharmaceutical company has been conferred with many awards in varied areas such as corporate governance, business operations, financial operations, philanthropy, employee relation, and much more.

3. Abbott Laboratories . Headquartered in North Chicago, Illinois, in United States, Abbott Laboratories was founded in the year 1888. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the USA whose annual revenue is approximately $39.87 billion. Abbott Laboratories has etched its place in history by developing the first ever HIV blood-screening test in the year 1985. Medical tests developed by Abbot Laboratories along with the diagnostic instruments manufactured by it are used worldwide for diagnosing and monitoring major health conditions such as cancer, HIV, cardiac failure, hepatitis, metabolic disorders, etc. Abbot Laboratories has operations in more than 130 countries.

4. Bristol Myers Squibb . Headquartered in Park Avenue, New York City, in the United States, Bristol Myers Squibb, also known as BMS, was founded in the year 1887. This global biopharmaceutical company aims at discovering and manufacturing world-class medicines to assist patients in recovering from serious health conditionssuch as cancer, heart ailments, HIV, AIDS, mental disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. In past 10 years, Bristol Myers Squibb has delivered fourteen innovative medicines to the world. The annual revenue of BMS is estimated to be about $18.8 billion.

5. Amgen . Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, in the United States, Amgen is one of the most outstanding American multinational biopharmaceutical companies founded in the year 1980. Amgen’s mission is to serve patients in the best possible way. This biopharma company is also ranked as the second largest independent biotechnology company in the world. Amgen specializes in discovering, developing and delivering innovative drugs that are used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and several autoimmune diseases. Amgen also manufactures drugs used for preventing infections in patients who undergo chemotherapy. Amgen’s annual revenue is approximately $15.58 billion.

6. Biogen Idec . Headquartered in Weston, Massachusetts in the United States, Biogen Idec was founded in the year 2003. Biogen aims at making a meaningful impact in the life of patients by developing innovative medicines. This is one of the top biopharmaceutical companies in the U.S that discovers, develops and manufactures drugs for serious health conditions such as, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and autoimmune disorders. Biogen is known for developing the first remarkable therapy for treating haemophilia A and haemophilia B. Biogen Idec’s annual revenue is estimated to be almost $5.05 billion.

7. Celgine Corporation: Headquartered in Summit, New Jersey, in the U.S, Celgine Corporation is an American biotechnology company founded in the year 1986. This company focuses on manufacturing innovative medicines for cancer, autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders. Celgene aims at delivering life-changing medicinal therapies for patients worldwide. Celgine’s operates in more than fifty countries worldwide and its annual revenue is estimated to be almost $84 billion.

8. Merck Co. Headquartered in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, in the U.S. this is yet another outstanding American pharmaceutical company that was founded in the year 1917 as an independent company. This global pharmaceutical company focuses on developing new therapies to help people improve their health by preventing diseases. Merck and Co has made a difference in the pharmaceutical arena by developing innovative medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, animal health products and much more. Merck Co’s GAAP revenue in 2013 was $44 billion.

9. Gilead Sciences . Headquartered in Foster City, California, in the U.S, Gilead Sciences is a biotechnology company founded in the year 1987. Gilead Sciences primarily focuses on developing antiviral drugs for treating patients infected with hepatitis B, influenza or HIV. It also discovers, develops and manufactures medicines for cancer. Gilead Sciences’ annual revenue is almost $7.75 billion.

10.Eli Lilly . Headquartered in Indianapolis in the U.S. this is another leading American multinational pharmaceutical company that operates in more than 17 different countries worldwide. Eli Lilly was founded in the year 1876 and products developed and manufactured by this pharmaceutical company are sold in 125 countries. This global multinational company focuses on manufacturing innovative drugs for patients worldwide. Eli Lilly is widely known for its polio vaccine, penicillin and insulin. It is also the largest pharmaceutical company in the world in terms of developing and distributing psychiatric medication. In the first quarter of the year 2014, the worldwide revenue earned by Eli Lilly was $4.683 billion.

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