Nov 9 2017

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The Top Ten U.S. Biotech Clusters

Los Angeles-Long Beach

San Diego’s life sciences industry–which includes pharmaceuticals and medical devices, in addition to biotech–is directly and indirectly responsible for 55,600 jobs and $5.8 billion in income, the study found. It ranked highest among all metro areas in R D inputs and the impact of turning ideas into companies. It boasts branches of big pharma, such as Pfizer. Johnson Johnson and Novartis. as well as numerous smaller biotech and medical device companies.

Yet even San Diego has its weak spots as a biotech hub. The study cited San Diego’s need to create more indigenous venture capital firms, more profitable biotech firms (many have negative cash flow) and a few larger biotech anchor firms to add stability. When the most successful San Diego biotech company, IDEC Pharmaceuticals. merged with Biogen last year to become Biogen Idec. it officially moved its headquarters to Biogen’s hometown of Cambridge, Mass.

San Jose ranked highest in the “risk capital” category, which means it has a strong base of venture financing to fund startups. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill scored the top rank in both the “human capital” and “biotech workforce” categories, indicating the number of biotech Ph.D.s awarded and the pool of scientists among the area’s workers.

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