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Driving Commercial Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

How Do Other Pharmaceutical Companies Do ‘It’? ®

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Is the Cost of Engaging HCPs Online Rising Dramatically?

Pharma digital marketing

A multi-year analysis of online physician engagement

By leveraging our proprietary data, we aim to answer the following questions: Is there a reason to believe that bio/pharmaceutical marketers should continue to invest in online channels for HCP engagement? How has the channel mix and investment changed over time? What is a benchmark for a measurable cost per engagement?

Searching for the Ideal Job Candidate?

Pharma digital marketing

Harness the power of the TGaS Network

TGaS is now posting industry job openings on our website and LinkedIn page as a complimentary new service for our clients.

If you have a job opportunity that you would like to share with our network and followers please click on the button below to submit your job opportunity.

Managed Markets

Pharma digital marketing

PM360 Article

4 Steps to Creating Compelling Payer Value Propositions

The economic buyer has emerged as a key stakeholder in market access. Payer value propositions must include evidence of both clinical and economic benefit that satisfies the needs of the provider from the perspective of improved care and the payer in terms of total cost of care.

Launch Excellence Advisory Database (LEAD)

Pharma digital marketing

Orchestrate Your Next Product Launch Success

The Launch Excellence Advisory Database provides pre-commercial and emerging biopharmaceutical companies with insight to LEAD their companies to commercial launch success.

TGaS Vendor Insights

Pharma digital marketing

Strengthening Vendor Relationships

Through Objective Data. Optimize your current vendor engagements and get the best value and quality when selecting a new one.

Introducing RAPiD by TGaS Insights

Pharma digital marketing

Make Your Annual Planning Process RAPiD

Streamline the annual planning process by providing a fact-based, objective assessment outlining headcount and spending by function compared to peer benchmarks.

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