Jul 2 2018

Persuading the Prescribers: Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing and its Influence on Physicians and Patients – Pew Charitable Trusts, pharmaceutical industry marketing.#Pharmaceutical #industry #marketing

Persuading the Prescribers: Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing and its Influence on Physicians and Patients In 2012, the pharmaceutical industry spent more than $27 billion on drug promotion 1 more than $24 billion on marketing to physicians and over $3 billion on advertising to consumers (mainly through television commercials). 2 This approach is designed to promote drug companies’ products by influencing doctors’ prescribing practices. 3 2013 The Pew Charitable Trusts Source: Cegedim Strategic Data, 2012 U.S. Pharmaceutical Company Promotion Spending (2013). Detailing: This marketing approach refers to face-to-face promotional activities directed toward physicians and pharmacy directors. Pharmaceutical representatives typically visit doctors to …

Jun 19 2018

Pharma Marketer Strategies to Reach Doctors, pharma marketing strategies.#Pharma #marketing #strategies

Marketing Strategy for Pharmaceutical Products to Reach Doctors As the ones who write the scripts, physicians are the most important audience in pharmaceutical sales. Government regulations that place a heavy emphasis on disclosure and industry self-policing efforts, such as the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, have required changes in how pharmaceutical companies market products to physicians. But those are not the only factors. Physician reliance on Internet technology for information and communicating is also forcing pharmaceutical companies to re-tool their marketing strategies. Traditional Marketing Physicians value free drug samples and are willing to meet with sales representatives to …

Jun 19 2018

PharmaVOICE – READ, pharma marketing strategies.#Pharma #marketing #strategies

Get your free subscription to PharmaVOICE Magazine Click one of the links below to pick what type of subscription you’d like. It’s completely free. Already subscribed? Click here to login Have a Question? Email Customer Service Remember your password? Click here to login. Have a Question? Contact Customer Service Read the Digital Edition FEATURED CONTRIBUTED CONTENT In the November issue of The Evidence Forum, one of the informative articles covers patient engagement and retention, two key issues in clinical studies. We’ve all heard the buzz about patient-centricity. In this article, learn how a patient-centric approach can improve patient engagement and …

Jun 19 2018

Pharma marketing strategies, pharma marketing strategies.#Pharma #marketing #strategies

eyeforpharma Instant Feedback Insights derived from “real-life” data are being billed as the next phase of pharma. But are payers convinced? Is blockchain the solution to pharma’s trust problem? The Economist calls it “the trust machine” but can blockchain rejuvenate pharma’s savaged public image? Latest Is blockchain the solution to pharma’s trust problem? Medical Meets Machine The Price Of Access Anonymous (not verified) , ( Nov 13, 2017 ) A Bright Future Surfing The Data Tsunami Opinion Commercial Medical Meets Machine Digging For Gold MSLs: The Superheroes of Pharma? The Digital Disruption Patient-Centricity: Cracking The Formula Market Access Instant Feedback …

Jun 9 2018

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pharmaceutical marketing Welcome to EphMRA We are a hub for excellence in research thinking to empower healthcare market researchers to provide consultancy to the business. The 2017 Conference will take place in Amsterdam – 20 – 22 June 2016 Anatomical Classification Guides are now available. Join EphMRA Become part of the Association – find out more here: Advertise with EphMRA On the website and in the eNews Our Vision Creating excellence in professional standards and practices to enable healthcare market researchers to become highly valued business partners. Latest News Upcoming Events EphMRA one day meeting in UK 27 February 2018 …

May 17 2018

TGaS Advisors: TGaS® Advisors Home, pharma digital marketing.#Pharma #digital #marketing

Driving Commercial Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry How Do Other Pharmaceutical Companies Do ‘It’? ® Access . Answers . Advice . Is the Cost of Engaging HCPs Online Rising Dramatically? A multi-year analysis of online physician engagement By leveraging our proprietary data, we aim to answer the following questions: Is there a reason to believe that bio/pharmaceutical marketers should continue to invest in online channels for HCP engagement? How has the channel mix and investment changed over time? What is a benchmark for a measurable cost per engagement? Searching for the Ideal Job Candidate? Harness the power of the TGaS …

May 13 2018

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, pharma marketing.#Pharma #marketing

pharma marketing What’s New News Releases Nov. 21, 2017 (PDF/252KB)Licensing Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma and Angelini Announce Partnership for Commercialization of Latuda (Lurasidone Hydrochloride) in Europe Nov. 13, 2017 (PDF/206KB)R ?>

May 12 2018

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First Herceptin biosimilar cleared in Europe Ontruzant is approved for all the same indications as Roche s blockbuster EMA forges closer ties with HTA umbrella group Agrees joint work plan with the European Network for Health Technology Assessment Novartis’ orphan drug Tasigna wins EU expanded indication The CML medication can now treat paediatric patients Amsterdam picked to host the European Medicines Agency But regulator faces a challenging relocation project to depart from London Concordia accused of overcharging NHS for thyroid drug The pharma firm said to have abused its position within the UK market Sales news Research news The state …

May 6 2018

Pharma marketing jobs, pharma marketing jobs.#Pharma #marketing #jobs

PharmaLive The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry FDA Expands Approval For Pfizer Cancer Drug Sutent Mylan Chops Another 200 To 300 Jobs FDA Approves AstraZeneca Severe Asthma Drug Fasenra J Price Set At $373,000 FDA Approves Roche Hemophilia Drug Hemlibra Biogen Throws Another $200 Million At Aducanumab In Amended Deal With Neurimmune Boehringer, MiNA Therapeutics Forge NASH Deal Astellas, Universal Cells Announce Collaboration Utilizing Universal Donor Cell Technology After years of hope and hype, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s centerpiece immuno-oncologic Opdivo is delivering the dollars. New CEO David Ricks took over Lilly as the company continues to climb out of its post-Cymbalta/Zyprexa …

May 3 2018

Laser Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Company, marketing pharmaceuticals.#Marketing #pharmaceuticals

Welcome to Laser Pharmaceuticals Laser Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company based in Alpharetta, GA focused on the sales, marketing and development of prescription products throughout the United States. Laser strives to provide pharmaceutical products of uncompromising quality, efficacy, and value to the industry. Building upon a rich 55 year history, Laser continues to grow in size, quality, and impact. Our Products Our pharmaceutical company has a reputable and well-prescribed portfolio of pharmaceutical products that have been trusted by Practitioners for over 50 years. With innovative allergy, cough cold and affordable, high quality generics to meet the …