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#healthcare market research # Medical and HealthcareMarket Research The medical devices market is one of the fastest growing healthcare markets, predicted to reach a global market size of $440 billion by 2018, with growth of about 4.4% per year (source: Fierce Medical Devices 2012). However the market is incredibly challenging, with a need to stand out from competitors, particularly in emerging market and to tackle changing policy shifts in individual countries and changing regulatory environments. Please get in touch with Kate Slater, Research Director if you are interested in understanding how we can help you. Some examples of how we …

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#pharma market research # Pharmaceutical market research Synonyms: pharma market research, healthcare market research, healthcare research, medical market research 1 Definition Pharmaceutical market research deals with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of details and information relating to the market environment of a given pharmaceutical product – in general of a medical drug. The primary objective of pharmaceutical market research is to gain as realistic and objective as possible an impression of the marketing opportunities of a given pharmaceutical product, thus enabling the identification of the chances and risks associated with its development potential as early on as possible. The testing …

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#pharma market research # PharmaceuticalMarket Research The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year, a figure expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years. The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market, and it is predicted that North and South America, Europe and Japan will continue to account for a full 85% of the global pharmaceuticals market well into the 21st century. (Source: WHO) Many pharmaceutical companies currently spend almost twice as much on marketing their products as they do on research and development, with smaller pharmaceutical companies struggling to stand out against the …

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#pharma market research # La rilevazione delle attività di Non Personal Promotion in Italia, INDAGINE SULLE AZIENDE Nell’ultimo decennio la diffusione di internet ha sì cambiato il modo di vivere delle persone, ma anche le modalità con cui le aziende possono svolgere la propria attività. Per comprendere quanto la diffusione di questo mezzo influenzi le attività di marketing delle aziende Medi-Pragma ha proposto negli L’ottimizzazione del Media Mix in un’ottica Multicanale La disponibilità dei dati della SOV nella NPP rendono oggi praticabile l’ottimizzazione del Media Mix allargata anche ai canali innovativi, e non solo limitata ai media tradizionalmente adottati per …

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#pharma market research # Principles of Pharmaceutical Market Research Leading the Way.Pharmaceutical Market Research Training Program The Principles of Pharmaceutical Market Research is a comprehensive, rigorous, self-study online training program that teaches the fundamental skills needed to conduct robust and insightful market research. The certificate course is based on the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK©), an integrated set of learning objectives covering the market research process from beginning to end. The Principles of Pharmaceutical Market Research is an adaptation of The Principles of Market Research to the unique requirements of market research in the life sciences by incorporating …

Market correction forecasts mount, alluring pharma stocks, and the end of safe dividend-paying sectors – The Globe and Mail #ariad #pharma

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#pharma stocks # Market correction forecasts mount, alluring pharma stocks, and the end of safe dividend-paying sectors Add to. As September begins, there are more predictions of a significant equity market correction now than I think I’ve ever seen. From Art Cashin. who thanks to CNBC is likely the most famous trader in the world, to Canaccord Genuity strategist Martin Roberge. to the UBS quantitative strategy team. industry professionals are watching markets through their fingers like they’re at a viewing of Friday the 13th for the first time. Market corrections don’t often happen when everyone’s looking for them. As Merrill …

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#market research companies # Resolution Research: A Full Service Market Research Company Performing both Qualitative Market Research Quantitative Market Research. Improve your market share, increase your bottom line, and stay ahead of your competition. At Resolution Research®. our job is to take the guess-work out of the boardroom. To fulfill this goal, we are committed to the highest standards of research preparation, data collection, analysis and reporting. Resolution Research is one of the country’s premier market research firms, providing a full range of services including consultation, survey research design development, data collection, data entry, recruitment, statistical analysis and reporting. Focus …

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#pharmaceutical marketing # Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME) Streaming Well is an award-winning video production company specialising in healthcare communications. We help healthcare providers tell their stories and. Slide Deck: Kinetic: A new approach shaping the future of advisory boards How many times have we attended meetings that have little direction, or no clear objectives and left feeling disinterested and disengaged? Our “Kinetic” consulting approach is set to change all. Alzheimer’s disease: reviewing the immediate treatment horizon Account Manager Stuart Goodman takes a look at some of the promising categories of Phase 3 treatments that could soon be available to patients …

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#pharma marketing research # MAXimum Research, Inc. – Your Market Research Professionals Here at MAXimum Research, we can reach those doctors others find hard or impossible to reach. Pharma We currently have a medical database containing over one million healthcare professionals, made up of hospitals, MCOs, nurses, and physicians. Our medical interviewers are Elite Interviewers who have at least one year of experience with a background in Pharma. They are trained on recruiting and/or interviewing all types of healthcare workers, from Medical and Pharmacy Directors to nurses and lab technicians, as well as patients with specific ailments, their caretakers, and …

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#world pharma # OVER 250 ATTENDEES 16 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED Great networking, very useful to hear from a mix of pharma companies and payers about market access and evidence requirements – Novartis Pharma About Pharma Pricing & Market Access Congress “Excellent presenters, their knowledge and enthusiasm meant attendees were well educated” Senior Director, European Physician & Payer Forum Get involved PHARMA PRICING & MARKET ACCESS PAST SPONSORS Your sponsorship opportunity SAMPLE OF WHO ATTENDS “Interesting speakers- useful updates on key topics, some thought provoking perspectives-Director, A Connect PAST KEYNOTE SPEAKERS