Sep 28 2017

Is perrier water good for your health? (gall bladder, kidney stones, infections) – Health and Wellness -Doctors, illness, diseases, nutrition, sleep, stress, diet, hospitals, medicine, cancer, heart disease – City-Data Forum #perrier,water,good,your,health,gall,bladder,kidney,stones,infections, #is #perrier #water #good #for #your #health?, #cities,forum

# If you have ANY urinary tract issues, be very careful with mineral water! I can verify everything the previous poster stated. I don’t often post on message boards, but my experience was so unnerving I had to share and hopefully spare others. About a year and a half ago, my European husband persuaded me to seriously give Perrier/San Pellegrino a chance. I never liked the taste but was trying to ween myself off sodas, plus in my part of the US it just looks more classy to drink mineral waters than soda, which is viewed as very unhealthy (which …