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In pharmaceutical products, there are various types of Tablets in a range of physical appearances, from high-gloss, rounded, sugar coated pieces to the geometric, punched shapes of film coated products. The shape, size and color are all visual characteristics reflected by the core and the coating such as sugar coat, film coat. The shape of the core is a key factor in the overall appearance of the Pharmaceutical tablet, not directly as a cosmetic influence, rather as the foundation for an applied coating system. There are various types of Pharmaceutical machineries and Processes to make Pharma products, Cosmetic products and Herbal Products.

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Type of Tablets

  • Sugar Coated tablets
  • Film Coated tablets
  • Tablets
  • Soft and Hard gelatin capsules

Sugar Coated Tablet

Traditional sugar coating is performed in what is generally described as a conventional coating pan. However, the desire to reduce the time needed for the sugar coating process has led to the trend towards side-vented pans, which can be modified to introduce the sugar syrup via a dosing bar, rather than spraying the tablets as with film coating. Sugar coating liquids used in preparing sugar coated tablets contain binders such as gelatin or gum arabic so as to increase strength of the sugar coating layer or to increase bonding strength between an uncoated tablet and the sugar-coating layer.

Film Coated Tablets

Film coating is the largest sector of the tablet colouring market in Phrama industries. Film coating techniques reduce process times, offer greater control over coating parameters and provide more opportunity for innovation. Film coating involves the deposition of a thin polymer layer onto the tablet core, usually by a spray method. Conventional sugar panning equipment can be used but more specialized machinery, such as the side-vented pan, is used to control the processing conditions, which include temperature, humidity, spray rate and mixing of the tablet bed. Industry developments have led to the simplification, where possible, of film coating systems for shade criteria, microbial control and processing improvements.

Soft and Hard gelatin capsules

The basic difference between the hard and soft gelatin encapsulation processes is that in the hard gelatin capsule process, the capsule is prefabricated and supplied empty, whereas in the soft gelatin capsule process the encapsulation and filling take place simultaneously.

Tablet coating machine

Application Process: The Bhagwati’s advanced high efficiency automated tablet coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Featuring mechatronis and confirming to the requirement of cGMP. It is a high efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean equipment for film and sugar coating of tablets, Pills and candies with organic film, aqueous coating and sugar film etc.

Automatic Tablet Coater is designed for the application of:

  • Film Coating with organic solvent, Enteric Coating and aqueous coating
  • Sugar Coating

The tablet to be coated make continuous complicated orbital motion the closed rotating Drum under the action of a streamline of Baffles. During the motion coating medium automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time hot filtered air supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablets core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of the tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film on tablet. The whole process is finished under the automatic by PLC Controls with touch screen Interface.

Tablet Coating Machine with Hot Air Blower

Bhagwati make Conventional coating machine are used to sugar coat tablets, pills, etc in for a variety of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Confectionery, Food and others. They are also used for rolling and heating beans and edible nuts or seeds.

The product is to be filled inside the pan. During the rotation motion, coating material is sprayed by spraying system according to the technological process and rational technological process. So process materials (product) are coated due to rotating pan. The coating round pot is rotated by variable speed. At the same time hot air is supplied through inbuilt Hot air blower system which dries rapidly (heating or cooling) and evenly thus forming a solid and smooth surface.

Pellegrino Coating Pan Machine

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