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Stanozolol 10 LA
Cutting Oral Steroids

Stanozolol drug has been branded Stanol as Stanol is it’s active agent. Essentially, it is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from a compound called dihydrotesterone. It possesses a number of conditions that makes it ideal for both plants and animals. Stanozolol drug has succesfully treated hereditary angiodema as well as anaemia.

Effects on the body

Stanol is widely used by athletes due to its anabolic properties. It is this property which is responsible for the significant reduction of body fat. Stanozolol competes selectively with synthetic, natural progestins and progesterone for progestin receptors. This results to a significant reduction in the anti-inflammatory processes that are progesterone mediated. Therefore, stanozolol subjects patients to significant discomfort at the joints. Stanozolol is used widely by both body builders as well as athletes in order to facilitate body fat loss and simultaneously maintain lean body mass. This is achieved by it’s effect of metabolising adipose tissue. However, it is yet to be in proved whether stanozolol has any special properties facilitating fat burning. Stanozolol drug is not taken alone. Rather, it is taken alongside other steroids following the intended purpose/ goal. In order to add on to the bulking purpose, testosterone is added. This will cause a cycle balance out thus resulting to a significant anabolic effect that has a much reduced estrogenic activity. Altogether, these result to a high muscle mass that has a much reduced retention of water and body fat.

Being a 17-alpha-alkylated drug, there is a high feasibility of causing liver toxicity especially when stanozolol is taken for a long span of time and in high doses. So as to avoid the liver damage side effect, you should ensure that you limit your cycle of use by at least 6 weeks. Nevertheless, in case you decide to take it for a longer time, you should keep monitoring the values of your liver by use of a blood test to avoid any damage. There are other side effects such as: acne on the skin, abnormal enlargement of prostate as well as your male pattern baldness aggregating. These catastrophic side effects can easily be avoided through close monitoring of both dosage and time.

Normally, doctors prescribe a dosage of between 35-75mg per day. It should be taken for a short period of time of between 3-4 weeks. By then, results should be evident. It is worth to note that stanozolol is an anabolic steroid 35-times better than testosterone.

Reliable research concerning stanozolol has shown that they are the most popular anabolic steroids. This is because it has been found to work pretty well without necessarily having to convert to estrogen like most steroids. Additionally, unlike the other steroids Stanozolol drug is taken orally either as a tablet or as an aqueous suspension. It is prone to an extensive hepatic biotransformation through a series of enzymatic pathways. It is easy to detect the primary metabolites which are quite different from stanozolol within the first 10 days of taking 5-10 mg dosage per day. The common detection methods include liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry techniques.

Dianabol tablet is a synthesized drug and an agent of facilitating muscle growth and thus has become so rampantly used by athletes .It is an androgenic drug with anabolic property.

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