Jun 20 2018

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Sugar Industry Biotech Council

Biotechnology industry news

Welcome to the Sugar Industry Biotech Council

Sugar is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. Of all known plants, sugar is most highly concentrated in sugar beets and sugar cane. The sucrose (sugar) from sugar beets and sugar cane is identical, and the same as the sucrose found in fruits and vegetables.

Whether from sugar beets or sugar cane, or from sugar crops grown using conventional, biotech or organic methods, sugar is pure and natural and has identical nutritional value, composition and wholesomeness. The sugar is the same no matter its original plant source or growing practice.

Both sugar beets and sugar cane are grown in North America, and growers of these crops face significant challenges protecting their crops from weeds, insects, diseases and the environment. Biotechnology provides a platform for new technologies to manage these challenges and develop traits, such as new options for weed control, insect protection and disease resistance.

Today, biotechnology-enhanced sugar beets are helping growers manage weeds, improve productivity and lessen impacts on the environment, while preserving a sustainable and geographically diverse supply of sugar. Additionally, experimental sugar cane varieties containing various biotech traits are being thoroughly evaluated around the world.

Because sugar is an important ingredient in the North American food supply, it is vital to have a sustainable and geographically diverse supply of sugar and sugar byproducts to support the North American food industry for consumers. In North America, hurricanes, droughts, floods, frosts and other environmental events have historically challenged the dependable supply of sugar products.

Roundup Ready® sugar beets, which are enhanced through biotechnology, are an important tool that can be used by growers to maintain the availability of a consistent, uniform supply of sugar for North American consumers. Roundup Ready sugar beets are the first biotech product commercialized for sugar beets.

Learn more about science-based information regarding the benefits of the advances in sugar beet and sugar cane crops.

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