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pharma labs

Pharma labs

Introducing Agonist Redirected Checkpoint (ARC) Therapeutics for Cancer Immunotherapy and Inflammation.

OUR VISIONPharma labs

Shattuck Labs is developing a breakthrough platform for immunotherapy, which harnesses the human immune system to improve survival for patients battling cancer and inflammatory disease. Shattuck has developed immunotherapy agents for patients with many cancer types, including melanoma, lung, and bladder. Shattuck’s proprietary technology represents the next evolutionary step in cancer therapy by endowing one molecule with multiple functions, building directly on the clinical success of Opdivo, Keytruda and Tecentriq, with applicability across the entire spectrum of human disease.

Shattuck Labs, based in Austin, Texas, is a privately-held biotechnology company founded in 2016 by Josiah Hornblower (CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder) and Taylor Schreiber, MD, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder).

OUR TEAMPharma labs

Shattuck has attracted a world-class group of executives, directors and scientific advisors to lead development of the ARC platform and guide corporate strategy.


CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder

Taylor H. Schreiber, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder

Neil Gibson, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Biologics, COI Pharma

David G. Lowe, PhD

Investor and Entrepreneur

G. Walter Loewenbaum

Chairman of the Board & Executive Committee, Luminex

Portfolio Manager, Lennox Capital Partners, LP

Lini Pandite, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy

George Fromm, PhD

Vice President of Research & Development


Keith T. Flaherty, MD

Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center

Charles G. Drake, MD, PhD

Columbia University Medical Center

Johann De Bono, MD, PhD

The Institute of Cancer Research

Dmitry Gabrilovich, MD, PhD

The Wistar Institute

Matthew Hellmann, MD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Shattuck has attracted an outstanding base of early investors and partners as a result of its immunology and development expertise and the transformative potential of the ARC platform.

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