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Science Careers Forum Advisors

Dave Jensen – Moderator

Dave Jensen writes the popular “Tooling Up” column for monthly career tips and techniques on the AAAS Science Careers website. In addition to his work for the AAAS, his monthly column “Managing Your Career” has been visible in biotech industry trade journals for nearly twenty years. His column ran for twelve years in BioPharm and is now in each issue of Contract Pharma where he is Contributing Editor.

Mr. Jensen has published nearly 400 articles on management and personal development topics for these journals along with regular features in Genetic Engineering News and various magazines published by the American Chemical Society or the American Society for Microbiology. Mr. Jensen has delivered seminars and workshops in industry meetings internationally, including keynote presentations at career events held by the National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins University, UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, University of Rochester, UCSF and the California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB). He has also been on the faculty of the “Teaching Survival Skills and Ethics” Program from the University of Pittsburgh.

From 2010 to 2015, Dave Jensen was Managing Director at Kincannon and Reed, a retained search firm working in the life sciences. In May of 2015, Jensen re-established the CTI Executive Search ( ) brand for his recruiting practice dating back to 1985.

Richard Lemert

I work for Synopsys, Inc. a world leader in providing software, intellectual property, and design services for semiconductor design, verification, and manufacturing. I am currently a Senior Design Consultant, using my knowledge of my company’s software to help semiconductor companies solve their design challenges on a contract basis. I’ve been with my company for nine years, although there was one short gap in in my employment after a corporate merger. This position represents a significant career change for me, as my previous experience includes six years teaching chemical engineering and four years serving as a chemical process engineer in a major nickel/copper metal refinery.

I began my academic studies at the Colorado School of Mines, earning B.S. degrees in both chemistry and extractive metallurgical engineering. After a stint at the nickel plant I returned to school, getting a Master’s in chemical engineering from Lamar University. I then continued on to the University of Texas for my doctorate, which was earned under the direction of Keith Johnston. A one-year post-doc with Joe DeSimone at UNC-Chapel Hill preceded my faculty appointment at the University of Toledo. I was previously licensed as a Registered Professional Engineer, but have allowed my license to expire.

Ana Mingorance-Le Meur

I am a neurobiologist working in R this latter was a polymer-based biomaterials company which he helped found. He has also held managerial positions in sales, marketing and business development at a number of companies including Pharmacia Biotech, Ajinomoto and DSM Pharma Chemicals. At The Business/Technology Interface, Dick has provided consulting services in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals to over two dozen companies ranging from small start-ups to major multinationals. He has been involved with over a dozen start-up and early-stage companies for which he provided services in the areas of sales and marketing, business strategies and implementation. He has a BS in Biochemistry from Cornell University and a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from The University of Alabama, Birmingham. In his spare time, he can be found masquerading as a carpenter at Habitat for Humanity build sites or annoying fish in the Florida Keys.

Dave Walker

I am a Key Account Manager for Active Motif, a biotech company specializing in products and services for life science research. After receiving a BA in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, I finished my PhD in Pharmacology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. It was during my training that I developed an interest in the business side of science, and began volunteering at student-run associations in my spare time. I quickly realized the importance of networking and relationship building in career development. I became co-president of the Hopkins Biotech Network and interfaced with students and alumni across the science career spectrum; my extracurricular hobby had developed into a passion that opened doors. I had the opportunity to develop career training seminars and made many professional connections that I might have otherwise missed entirely. During grad school I lurked on the Science Careers website reading old articles and taking in as much as I could from the forum. After about a year I joined the community and began learning a great deal more.

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