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1) Introduction:
Packaging can be defined as an economical means of providing presentation, protection, identification information, containment, convenience and compliance for a product during storage, carriage, display and until the product is consumed. Packaging must provide protection against climatic conditions biological, physical and chemical hazards and must be economical. The package must ensure adequate stability of the product throughout the shelf life. 1

Reference ID: PHARMATUTOR-ART-1156

The external image of the package must not only compliment product confidence, but provide clear and concise product identification and other features included are:

· Package should provide adequate information related to the contents including legal requirements, route of administration, storage conditions, batch number, expiry date, manufactures name and address and product license number.

· Package should assist in patient compliance.

· Package should preferably have an aesthetically acceptable design.

The primary packaging consist of those packaging components which have a direct contact with the product (i.e. bottle, cap, cap liner, label etc). The main functions of the primary package are to contain and to restrict any chemical, climatic or biological or occasionally mechanical hazards that may cause or lead to product deterioration. Packaging must also function as a means of drug administrations.

The packaging external to the primary package is known as the secondary packaging. The secondary packaging mainly provides the additional physical protection necessary to endure the safe warehousing and for refill packaging.

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