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Dr. John Daignault

John Daignault, Psy.D. is a highly experienced and respected, senior forensic psychologist, licensed to practice psychology in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Rhode Island. Dr. Daignault has been in practice for approximately 30 years and has testified as an expert in psychology in approximately 1,750 cases to date. Dr. Daignault is especially recognized as an expert due to his complete working knowledge of each case, his familiarity with applicable psychological research, and his competence in testifying even in the most complex psycholegal areas.

Dr. Daignault provides forensic evaluations and consultations in criminal, civil, family, juvenile, and administrative Courts.

Dr. Daignault is recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health as a Designated Forensic Psychologist, and he holds a Diplomate from the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Dr. Daignault has maintained an appointment by the Court as the Court Monitor of a residential treatment center that has been under court oversight for approximately 30 years.

Dr. Daignault has been cited as a Most Helpful Expert in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and as an eminently qualified expert in sexual dangerousness by several Superior Court justices.

Dr. Daignault has been appointed as a Guardian ad Litem or independent psychological examiner in approximately 750 cases in numerous Family Courts.

Dr. Daignault maintains staff appointments at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

100 Grandview Road, Suite 311
Braintree, MA 02184
Telephone 781.843.9800
Telecopier 781.843.9801

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is a specialized branch of psychology that applies the science of psychology to questions that come before courts of law and to the assessment of dangerousness and sexual dangerousness.

Forensic Psychologists possess expert knowledge and training in these areas and are highly experienced in testifying in court.

Forensic psychologists are familiar with applicable legal concepts and procedures, and they consult with judges, attorneys, and agency heads on a daily basis.

Forensic psychologists are duty-bound to avoid undue influence on their work by financial compensation or other gain and to maintain professional scientific integrity, examining an issue from all reasonable perspectives.

Forensic psychologists weigh all data impartially and maintain integrity by examining issues from all possible
perspectives, actively seeking rival hypotheses.

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