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Project Management Workshop

Project management seminars are guaranteed to help you complete your projects on time, on budget and on target!

Don’t spend $495, $695, $895, or more, plus two, three, or more days away from the job, plus airfare, travel time, and lodging expense, for complete, quality project management seminars.

Fred Pryor Seminars now brings directly to your area the first ever, one day, complete Project Management course.

Here’s what it means to you no costly travel time, and at a fraction of what other project management programs cost.

With this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master the art of project planning, and organize your project without omissions, mistakes, or miscalculations.
  • Use better communications techniques to get the cooperation, support, and resources that are vital to the project’s success.
  • Root out waste in every stage of the project wasted time, money, and effort that endanger a project’s success.
  • Identify and use indispensable planning and scheduling tools that assure the project is implemented exactly as planned.
  • Estimate time and costs with pinpoint accuracy, using a simple 3-point approach that reduces the risk of costly delays and errors.

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Seminar Overview

Traits of the Successful Project Manager
  • Interpret the 5 key traits of the most successful project managers and determine your own personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover the 5-point success blueprint of expert project managers and why some project managers are more effective than others
  • Remove the mystery and complexity from on-time/on-budget performance: insightful tips from master project planners that you can use every day
  • The Project Team
    • Analyze the structure and makeup of your project team for more precise planning
    • Avoid delays and scheduling problems by assessing each team member’s physical location, roles, and responsibilities
    • Identify the specific skills you need as the project’s manager by defining and understanding the unique organization of your team
    • Employ dynamic management team-building techniques to improve productivity and performance from project start to finish
  • The 5-Step Project Management Model Define, Plan, Implement, Control, and Adjust
    • Utilize a step-by-step checklist to define specific project objectives and pinpoint essential planning components
    • Follow fail-safe planning formulas that put first things first, and avoid scheduling conflicts later in the project
    • Demystify professional planning models: how to simplify every kind of project with PERT, CPM, and Gantt charting techniques
    • Learn the 2 key skills that help you anticipate problems before they become difficult to solve
    • Master the art of progressive decision making: how to keep the project moving on track with no-stall decision-making tactics
    • Determine the essentials of project control and use these principles to keep your project on time, on budget, and meeting objectives
    • Build flexibility into project implementation, allowing you to handle opportunities and problems as they arise
  • The Role and Use of Computers in Project Management
    • Recognize the 4 key advantages of computers and the 3 dangers you must avoid
    • Utilize a simple 7-step evaluation to determine whether use of computers will significantly benefit your project
    • Evaluate computer software options and zero in on the best software solution for your project

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    Continuing Education

    This event is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

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    1-Day Seminar – US $199.00

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