Feb 14 2018

Pipe Supports Systems-AAA Technology – Specialties Co, Inc, pharmaceutical specialties inc.#Pharmaceutical #specialties #inc

Pipe Supports Systems

AAA Technology Specialties Co., Inc. was founded in 1971 to provide “Total Solutions Service” to the industrial piping market. We analyze, design, manufacture and supply pipe support systems for the following industries:

In addition to an in-depth knowledge of pipe supports, AAA Technology also has experience with piping stress analysis. Therefore, our staff understands why a piping stress analyst selects specific pipe supports. With our broad background and extensive experience in designing, specifying, manufacturing and supplying industrial pipe support systems, AAA Technology is uniquely qualified to offer our line of engineered pipe hangers and pipe supports to the industrial marketplace. The innovative design of our engineered spring hanger reflects the extensive skills of our personnel and their ability to be forward thinkers. The cutting-edge design features of our engineered spring hangers, extensive inventory of spring hanger components and hanger hardware have enabled us to respond to many of our customers emergency requirements with virtually immediate shipments. The key is innovation and the genuine desire to provide a superior service and a high quality product to our customers.

Spring Hangers Supports

Pipe Support – Custom Assemblies

  • Carbon Steel Fabrications of pipe supports, adjustable pipe supports and instrument stands
  • Stainless steel pipe supports and spring hangers
  • Supports with PTFE slides or stainless steel and hold down clamps with or PTFE linings.

Pharmaceutical specialties inc

Pharmaceutical specialties inc

Pipe Stress Analysis

Picture provided by PipingSolutions Inc., our sister company using TRIFLEX , pipe stress analysis software.

TRIFLEX features dynamic graphics, 3D color modeling rendering, code compliance standards and calculations as well as spring hanger sizing.

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