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The pharmacy filed is well represented with a wide variety of blogs, some serious, some humerous. Pharmacists are forbidden to do the same a doctors, i.e. cannot mention any patients name, but. still, there is plenty of room for humor amongst the pharmacist bloggers. Pay special attention to The Angry Pharmacist , and The Pharmacy Chick Interesting Blog by Kevin Clausen: in his worlds, I am a university professor focused on consumer health informatics from a pharmacy perspective. I currently direct the Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research. My professional interests also include ehealth literacy, medication adherence, participatory medicine, and mHealth. I am always searching for ways to improve in the holy trinity of teaching, research, and service and am currently enamored with cognitive load theory and elements of visual design.

Don t be fooled by the title, deep, thoughtful blog

In his own words, .now I masquerade as a product manager for a company that specializes in pharmacy automation and technology.

I have an interest in many things, but find that various types of technology grab my attention more than anything else. I’m especially interested in tablet computers, other mobile technologies and pharmacy automation. I’m always looking for ways to make use of technology to improve pharmacy and create a more patient centered practice model.

Rants and Musings of an Anonymous Retail Pharmacist

a must read for Insiders ..W-all Street Journal; Ho Hum

Don t say you were not warned! Expect no political correctness.

by the Editor in Chief of Pharmacy Times

There is no doubt about it that there has been the revolutionary change in use of the medical devices and technological know-hows. Online medical technique has nothing but the “human-computer relation” which helps in the improvement both in terms of diagnosis and analysis. Online medical pharmacy facility was first introduced among the onlin medical pharmacy in Noida.
They can be said that they are the pioneers of online medical stores. You can find almost all medical stores of Noida provide online medicine buying. Online appointments for the check-ups are also being arranged by them on regular basis. Online medical treatments have progressed immensely in Noida, and by the gradual process it is being spreading all over the country just to keep in mind a healthy life to the citizen

Thanks for the list of pharmacy blogs. Pharmacy business as well as the articles are important as it deals with the human health.


August 28: India ONLINE Conference: Prof. Vijendra Jain: Management of CVJ Anomalies in Children – Personal Experience”
August 28: India Online Conference: Ped Neurosurg: Subodh Raju, MD “Surgical Options in Craniosynostosis”
July 22: John Giannios MD, Precision Medicine Leader, talks about “Precision Epigenomic Medicine of Incurable Solid Tumors “

July 20: John Giannios MD, Precision Medicine Leader, talks about “Precision Cancer Medicine in the Postgenomics Era” July 19: John Giannios MD, talks about “NANOSURGERY FOR ERADICATION OF METASTATIC CANCER STEM CELLS “

July 20: Joe Krainin MD, Neurologist, Sleep Apnea expert, talk to A Fib expert, Steve Ryan Phd, meet and discuss AFib and Sleep Apnea

July 9: Iype Cherian MD, Neurosurgery Superstar, presents “Basilar Artery Dissection, for the ACNS Online Conference

July 9: Roberto Herrera MD: Presenting Case in Online Neurosurgery Conference, a New Wave of Conferences

July 9 Ramesh Nair MD, English Neurosurgeon, Presents a Few Skull Base Cases

May 3: John Byler, noted TBI Support Advocate, talks about his book, “You Look Great”

April 20: Catherina Borgenstierna of Sweden Presents her Robotic Assisted Eating Device, Bestic

April 19: Jon Dreyer of Nuance Healthcare Communication talks about New Dragon Voice Recording Platform

John Adler MD: Stanford Neurosurgeon: Inventor of Cyberknife: “ and Innovative Medical Publishing”

March 27 “Diving into the Rhoton Collection”: Iraqui Neurosurgeons Discusses

March 27: Bernardo de Andrada MD: Brazil Neurosurgeon: “Intracranial Meningiomas”

Victor Volovici MD: Dutch Neurosurgeon: ” Petrous Bone: Cave of Wonders”

March 27: Peter Galkin MD: Russian Neurosurgeon: “Saphenous Vein Greaft for CAD”

March 27: Carlos Lllumiguano MD: Ecuador Neurosurgeon: “Pituitary Tumors: Surgical Indications”

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