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WHITE PAPER: Taking The Supply Chain Pain Out Of Pharma

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Damage from disruptions in the supply chain can’t be completely eradicated, however they can be mitigated. Disruptions could occur in the form of natural disasters, equipment/vehicle failure or unforeseen transport delays. Companies which apply –what if – scenarios are noted to be much better equipped and agile towards facing unforeseen occurrences in the supply chain. A wrong decision made within the temperature controlled transit of a pharmaceutical, may not only be costly in a financial sense but it also in terms of physical harm caused to patients in extreme cases. Learn more »

September 1, 2016

In the mission to further refine a pharmaceutical’s path to market: Risk conduct, compliance and cost balancing are three key pillars to be optimised in any temperature controlled logistics strategy. Learn more »

Industry stakeholders have insisted that it could be a costly mistake to view serialisation as a project which only concerns engineering matters. As serialisation data is unique to the pack it requires not only the deployment of new treatment but also expanded staff investment and stakeholder engagement. Therefore, “To characterize it as an engineering issue is therefore to grossly underestimate its consequences, which touch virtually every business function in pharmaceutical manufacturing.” Learn more »

Big data is turning up everywhere. In this Process Perspectives podcast, Kaare Buch Petersen, Information Architect in Global IT at Christen Hansen, a Denmark-based supplier of bioscience products to food and health industries, talks about how his company has been using big data in the development of their new products. Editor s note: read. Learn more »

The informatics landscape is changing quickly and innovation could be the key to increasing efficiency. Jeff Hurst, Senior Scientist at the Hershey s Company talks us through these changes and how the industry is moving away from robots towards more innovative methods including mobile apps. He also talks about the dangers of. Learn more »

The pharma industry has a lot to learn from the food and beverage industry when it comes to contract manufacturing. To get to grips with this outsider s view, we spoke with Steve Hills, European Contract Manufacturing Director at Pepsico. Steve outlines where companies can go wrong in working with CMOs

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