Sep 18 2016

Pharmaceutical market research

#pharmaceutical market research


AplusA and Bell Falla merge forces in the US to become a leading market research agency dedicated to the healthcare industry

AplusA is pleased to announce that Bell Falla and Associates has joined the AplusA family of companies. The new US entity, named AplusA Bell Falla, offers the global resources of AplusA and the proven track record of Bell Falla in conducting studies in the US and worldwide.

500 Market Research Projects per year

25+ Years dedicated to Healthcare MR

Our expertise

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Ad hoc Patient Charts
  • Consulting
  • Experts Moderators
  • Pricing & Reimbursement
  • SuccesstrAAckTM

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Healthcare Market Research

Why do some physicians choose product X instead of my product to treat certain patients ?

I am launching my product in China next year, how do I need to adjust my promotional materials?

Which of my 3 insulin pen prototypes will best meet the needs of my patients?

We will launch our product in 3 months, what is the best approach to closely follow our market share after launch?

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AplusA is a medical market research firm that specializes in international, primary research for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, including those in biotech, medical devices, diagnostics, and over-the-counter drugs.

For over 25 years, AplusA has been guiding lifecycle management of the most innovative healthcare products worldwide. Each week, our dedicated fieldwork teams manage medical market research studies in more than 20 countries covering both mature and emerging markets.


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