Jun 4 2018

Pharmaceutical manufacturers Unither: BFS, effervescent tablet, powder and liquid stick packs, pharma projects.#Pharma #projects

pharma projects

Pharma projects

Unither Pharmaceuticals

Single Best Way To Deliver

Unither Pharmaceuticals, a world-leading pharmaceutical contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) in affordable, innovative and convenient single unit dosage forms that simplify the lives of patients.

Pharma projects

“BB Dose” in collaboration with Biolane

The “BB dose” guarantees a greater safety of the gesture with the infant thanks to the development of a sterile unit-dose with a more rounded tip that fits perfectly with baby’s nostrils.

Pharma projects

Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS)

We are the world’s number one producer of BFS products, and we have been making these products since 1993. They allow preservative-free formulations, are convenient, portable, and cost-effective.

Pharma projects

Liquid Dosage Forms

Unistick Liquid Stick-Pack

An alternative to the sterile unit dose, the Unistick contains a premeasured dose of liquid, and is robust, easy-to-open and portable. An excellent choice for oral and topical delivery.

Pharma projects

Expertise & Innovation

Drug Development Services

25 years of experience in taking pharmaceutical development projects from very early stages to commercial scale-up.

Pharma projects

Solid Dosage Forms

Unistick Powder Stick-Pack

Portable and convenient for modern on-the-go lifestyles, Unistick makes medications easier to take. Powder can be dissolved into a liquid, or taken directly into the mouth.

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