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First Herceptin biosimilar cleared in Europe

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Ontruzant is approved for all the same indications as Roche s blockbuster

EMA forges closer ties with HTA umbrella group

Pharmaceutical company jobsAgrees joint work plan with the European Network for Health Technology Assessment

Novartis’ orphan drug Tasigna wins EU expanded indication

Pharmaceutical company jobsThe CML medication can now treat paediatric patients

Amsterdam picked to host the European Medicines Agency

Pharmaceutical company jobsBut regulator faces a challenging relocation project to depart from London

Concordia accused of overcharging NHS for thyroid drug

Pharmaceutical company jobsThe pharma firm said to have abused its position within the UK market

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Pharmaceutical company jobs

The state of trust

Roche s Future-proofing Healthcare event shows how the current model is a complicated one

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Pharmaceutical company jobs

Revolutionising how healthcare is delivered

The big technology shift sweeping the global connection of healthcare


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Pharmaceutical company jobs

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Pharmaceutical company jobs

MHRA joins Instagram as part of Yellow Card drive

UK medicines regulator follows in the footsteps of NICE in using the channel

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Annalisa Jenkins joins biomarker firm PlaqueTec as CEO

She arrives from US-based Dimension Therapeutics, where she was CEO

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Is AI changing the future of healthcare?

How technology is playing a big role in healthcare

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Proving the Strategic Value of Patients

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Tony de Fougerolles joins Evox Therapeutics as CEO

He succeeds Dr Per Lundin who stays at the firm as COO

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Teva launches personalised digital support for MS patients

Says its MS Care Programme is the first of its kind

Pharmaceutical company jobs

What value for innovation in an era dominated by affordability?

Pharma can collaborate but must be clear about its motives

Pharmaceutical company jobs

The Future of Marketing in Life Sciences: Is your function fit for purpose

Pharmaceutical company jobs

Do you want to see a magic trick?

Key points that drive behaviour change

Pharmaceutical company jobs

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