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Pharmaceutical Distribution Software

Industry Trends

The pharmaceutical market is in constant change, and the demand to continuously adapt expansive supporting systems is extreme. As companies grow through mergers, acquisitions and alliances, it becomes increasingly important to have a system that is easy to maintain in multiple facilities, locations, platforms, regions and languages.

Pharmaceutical distribution places a heavy burden on the operational and logistics resources of any company. Industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements, forecasting, procurement, customer service, picking, dispatch and special treatment of physical inventory can all place a burden on logistical decisions. Add to that low margins, high customer service expectations, a constant fight against counterfeit medicines and global competitive pressures, and the margin for error is negligible.

No wonder government monitoring and regulations have increased. As borders open up and generics increasingly flood in, consumers are beginning to buy direct, blurring industry lines between wholesale and retail distribution and straining the supply chain from the manufacturer down to basic provider levels.

How do you manage this unwieldy and heavily monitored supply chain? How do you ensure rapid delivery of perishable and critical medicines while balancing compliance, customer satisfaction and profitability issues? Is your system up to the intense data and integration requirements it takes to be a world-class provider in this highly fragmented and ever-changing landscape?

IBS can help. Our expertise in managing pharmaceutical distribution operations is long-standing and proven, providing the latest thinking in logistics for an industry that never stops moving.

Business Drivers

IBS specializes in pharmaceutical business software, matching a staggering amount of pharmaceutical wholesalers’ specific requirements out-of-the-box. It’s a distribution solution for fast implementation and integration worldwide.

Using our deep, proven knowledge of the industry, we can help you tailor a customized solution specifically for your business that drives value, meets your organization where you are today and prepares you for where you want to go tomorrow.

      • Sales: Our integrated order entry system ties warehouse, logistics and invoicing to unique customer orders placed online, at a store or through your call center for accurate, traceable, controlled delivery and payment.
      • Procurement: Automate and optimize procurement processes across the supply network, based on accurate inventory forecasts to meet various order sizes, types, minimums and seasonal demands.
      • Warehouse management: Streamline warehouse activities, from goods reception and quarantines, to pick verifications, controlled substances and combined transport, using multiple shipping systems and paperless automation technologies.
      • Financials and accounting: Make any financial process easy-to-manage and totally transparent, including handling multiple simultaneous currencies.
      • Compliance: Rest assured having a defensible system that automates, captures and complies with your specific distribution requirements and regulations, including our unique, global “counterfeit compliance solution.”
      • Lot Tracking/Recall: Ensure reporting and data integrity, especially vital for FEFO (first end date first out) products, to assist with regulatory compliance and recall ability.
      • Complex Rebates and Chargebacks: Automatically track details for accurate sales management and accounting.

IBS pharmaceutical clients include Galexis, Sigma, Panarello, Associated Pharmacies Inc, Marzam, Alloga, Drogueria Betances, Oriola, uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs, MWI Veterinary Supply, TopRX, Strategic Pharmaceutical Solutions, North Carolina Mutual Drug, Metro Medical, Sandvik Medical, Mediq, LLC Wholesale, Sunset Pharmaceuticals, and ICS/AmerisourceBergen to name a few.

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