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Maximize the effectiveness of your sales force?

Coach product management?

Slow the erosion of patent expired products?

Reduce the cost of company meetings?

Position your products for the highest rates of return?

Establish a co-promotion arrangement?

Find hidden revenue opportunities?

Confirm what your product positioning strategy is?

Create marketing programs that have documented

We are a small boutique-consulting firm with access to a variety of experts in the industry. We can offer your organization a wealth of experience and knowledge for a fraction of the cost of the major consulting firms.

In today’s highly complex pharmaceutical business environment, it is imperative to maximize product promotional returns with the limited resources available.

Pharma Consultants has a broad range of experience and expertise in a number of areas:

Slowing the erosion of patent expired products

Contract product marketing

Product Market Strategies and Promotion

If your organization has a need in any of these areas please call me for a free consultation.

Why spend more when you can get more for less?

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