Nov 9 2017

Pharmaceutical Chemistry – futurestudents #pharmas

#pharmaceutical chemistry


Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry combines knowledge of the biological, medical, and physical sciences in the study of the scientific aspect of drug therapy. The emphasis is on the chemical nature of the reactions and interactions involved in drug therapy. The students will receive a solid background in the aspects of chemistry that are most relevant to drugs: physical, organic, and analytical chemistry. They will also learn the fundamental aspects of the synthesis, manufacture, use, and mode of action of drugs.

Admission Information

  • Apply to the Life Sciences admission category on the St. George campus
  • Six grade 12 U or M courses, including English and Calculus and Vectors are required
  • Senior high school credits in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are required for first-year courses
  • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits

Honours Bachelor of Science Programs

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry (specialist)

First-Year Courses

  • The Pharmaceutical Chemistry program does not offer any first-year courses

Advice for First Year

Students who are interested in studying pharmaceutical chemistry should take BIO120H1 – Adaptation and Biodiversity and BIO130H1 – Molecular and Cell Biology, CHM136H1 – Introductory Organic Chemistry I and CHM135H1 – Chemistry: Physical Principles or CHM151Y1 – Chemistry: The Molecular Science, PHY131H1 and PHY132H1 – Introduction to Physics or PHY151H1 and PHY152H1 – Foundations of Physics.


Direct career options include:

Pharmacology/Toxicology/Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PTP) Internship

The Pharmacology/Toxicology/Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PTP) Internship program is associated with the Professional Experience Year Office at the University of Toronto. The program provides students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired in the first three years of their university training to a business/government environment during a 12-16 month project-based professional placement. Students accepted into the Internship program have an excellent academic record with a minimum 3.0 GPA following their 3rd year of study and are well-rounded individuals with a variety of non-academic interests, excellent social skills and a high degree of motivation

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