May 1 2018

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Pharma, Packaging Supply Chain 28/11

28 November 08:30 – 18:00 Copenhagen – Medicon Valley Alliance

This event is organised to emphasise the relation between Pharma, Packaging and the Supply Chain. These areas closely related but are often dealt with separately. Which is why we are inviting expertise from each and every area as well as focusing on the future developments of every part.

It is certainly difficult to address every aspect of future developments from Pharma, Packaging and Supply Chain. So we are focusing on a few representatives from each area, producers, providers, developers and brand owners to provide us with their focuses and future preparations.

The event is organised to focus on packaging during the first half, and supply chain during the second half. We are also emphasising on dialogue which is why we organise the participants in small groups to ensure communication and interaction.

We invite you to come and discuss together with us and our speakers about the future of our industries. Extend your network and see new possibilities outside your own sector.

Why Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen is the metropolitan region spanning Eastern Denmark and Skåne in Southern Sweden. It is the growing hotspot within global logistics and a leading cool chain hub of Northern Europe for pharmaceutical and biotech logistics.

Nine million people live within a 300-kilometer radius of Copenhagen, from which you can reach 36% of the entire Scandinavian population within a 3-hour drive.

All you need to know

The Event is organised with the participant in mind. Our aim is to deliver a fully focused and educational event that will never get boring and will allow plenty of time to discuss and mingle. We want you to be inspired and to inspire. We all have experience and knowledge of something that is of value for others.

The presentations are short, held in small groups and open for interaction for the benefit of both the participants and the speakers. You are enabled to be an active contributor of the final result and you will get to know inspirational professionals and hopefully make new friends!

Who should attend

You should attend the event if you are from the Pharma, Packaging or the Supply Chain industry and wish to gain insight on the demands, future possibilities, products and services from the pharma, packaging and supply chain.

About us

Packbridge, Copenhagen Capacity, Invest in Skåne and Medicon Valley Alliance are non-profit semi government organisations collaborating together with industries in the Greater Copenhagen area to enhance knowledge and development transfer to facilitate innovation and relations within and cross border/industries/academia etc.

Eson Pac is a Packbridge member and a co organiser

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