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Hospital Pharmacy Solutions

The PHARMA Compliance Group offers programs specifically tailored to hospital pharmacy operations to help maintain effective compliance with the regulations enforced by the DEA.

  • The PHARMA Compliance Group’s Background Screening
    Solutions are Designed for the pharma industry, whether
    your organization is a manufacturer, wholesale drug
    distributor or retail pharmacy.

  • The PHARMA Compliance Group provides compliance services to help identify and correct issues before they result in adverse actions. Our experts can assist in enhancing your existing compliance program, or can develop a custom program that ensures regulatory compliance.


    The Pharma Compliance Group is the industry leader in pharmacy compliance services, hospital compliance services, and DEA compliance and audit services. Our audit and compliance experts are former DEA compliance agents and investigators and possess comprehensive knowledge of the Controlled Substance Act and the Code of Federal Regulations.

    Our compliance and audit expertise and our intricate knowledge of the DEA compliance inspection process allows us to provide our pharmacy, hospital, and pharma distribution partners with programs and audit services that ensure successful execution of the know your customer and due diligence requirements of the DEA, federal and state pharmaceutical regulatory requirements.

    Our experience provides us with a unique understanding of the impact of state and federal regulations on your business operations. Our expertise allows us to provide in-depth assessments of your company’s compliance levels, to evaluate the potential risk of fines, and, to examine your exposure to theft and diversion. Our programs provide access to effective solutions to maintain compliance, to ensure due diligence, and to implement an on-going and comprehensive inspection practice.

    Offering a comprehensive menu of critical and cost-effective solutions, the Pharma Compliance Group helps its clients traverse the landscape of regulatory requirements and language and to mitigate the risks associated with operating in a regulated industry. Please browse our selection of services under the Solutions and the Clients sections of our website.





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