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contain alcohol. What a surprise it was to find that the most common

insecticidal soaps at your favorite garden center are 96% alcohol in

ready to use form! We know that alcohol will frequently cause leaf

burn or leaf drop – a crime for those of us that show roses. We also

hoped to capture, in a single bottle, as many of the benefits of some

historically well-known remedies and treatments for plant disease,

mites and fungus. It was an exciting evolutionary process, as we

combined ingredients first to create a natural, environmentally friendly

insecticide, then decided to see just how big a product we could

create, and began adding other ingredients to address mites and

fungus. Leaning heavily on University studies, our thinking about

treatment options shifted from a single product approach to a

treatment system as we began to consider the possible stages of

treatment. For instance, in our test gardens, we wanted to give our

healthy plants every opportunity to continue to be healthy on their

own without any (or minimal) treatment. Thus, we applied only our

Garlic Pharm repellant (with fungicidal properties) in an effort to

prevent insect infestation and control fungus. If a plant did become

infested or infected, we would then use our insecticidal soaps where

the pure essential oils (also containing miticides and fungicides)

eliminate the pests. Finally, we would routinely fertilize and nourish

our garden twice monthly using our fish fertilizer, with fungicidal

properties. We found that this treatment regimen – frequent

application of repellant (with fungicide), application of insecticidal soap

product (with fungicide) upon infestation, and regular fertilizing( with

fungicide ) to nourish and control fungus – gave us excellent results

without the use of any harsh chemicals, and our plants loved it!

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