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Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

According to Forbes magazine, the number one skill employers seek is strong communication skills. Earning your Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies online at A-State can open up a wide variety of career options, giving you the skills you need to succeed in almost any career path. This versatile degree expands your knowledge of how people and organizations share, interpret and understand information, deepening your ability to be heard and understood by your audience in a variety of situations. Coursework combines both communication theory and experiential learning to make you an effective interpersonal, professional and organizational communicator.

Interested in pursuing a double major? A-State Online allows you to pair our B.A. in Communication Studies with select A-State Online degrees:B.A. in Criminology, B.A. in Political Science, B.A. in Sociology.

To initiate a double major, fill out this form, and an advisor will contact you.

Online Course Listing

Program Requirements

These courses must be taken to complete your degree.

Major (Core) Courses

Students must take 18 hours of the following elective courses.

Communication Requirement

Must have six credit hours of the following courses.

Mathematics Requirement

Must have three to four credit hours or any higher level mathematics course for which College Algebra is a prerequisite. The course listed below is the only one offered online through A-State at this time. You may also take Math 1054.

Arts and Humanities Requirement

Students must complete three courses from this section. At least one must be a fine arts course, one humanities, and one English course. Please note that Intro to the Literature of the Western World I ENG 2003 and Intro to the Literature of the Western World II ENG 2013 are offered online through Arkansas State University. Other Fine Arts courses not offered online are ART 2501, THEA 2503, PHIL 1103.

Social Sciences Requirement

Three of the following courses must be completed. At least one course must be selected from SOC 2213, HIST 2773, or POSC 2103. Please note that POSC 2103, Introduction to American Government, and SOC 2213, Introduction to Sociology are offered online through Arkansas State University. Other social science courses that can be taken but not offered online are ECON 2313, ECON 2333, POSC 1003.

Life Science Requirement

One of the following courses and lab must be completed. Please note that Biological Science BIO 1003 and Laboratory for Biological Science BIO 1001 are offered online through Arkansas State University. Other courses that may be taken but not offered online are BIO 1033, BIO 1063, BIO 2013.

Physical Sciences Requirement

Foreign Language Requirement

Foreign Language up to 12 hours (courses to be determined)

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