Oct 11 2017

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NPC Online Classes

Northland Pioneer College offers a variety of online classes in which course materials are presented over the Internet. Online classes are helpful for those with busy schedules or difficulty in physically attending classes at an NPC campus or center. To be successful, online students need certain skills (such as familiarity with email, web browsers, and word processors ) and a high degree of discipline and motivation. Prior to enrolling in online classes, you need access to a computer and your own email account.

  • Are NPC online courses right for you? To help you decide, read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions .
Step up for success! Learn what NPC can do for you.

All new NPC students or those who have earned 12 or fewer credits must register for and complete a one time, two and a half hour, noncredit orientation class. Students enrolling only in online ornoncreditclasses are exempt from attending the SOAR sessions. Students who fail to complete orientation before the end of the fall semester will be blocked from future registration.

This required class is FREE .

We recommend you complete an orientation class before classes begin! Click here for dates and times.

Prior to enrollment in Internet sections (POS 221 222 are exempt ) students must either demonstrate or develop basic computer skills necessary for online learning. Students who feel confident about their abilities can demonstrate this by completing an opt-out test. Those who have trouble successfully completing the test must enroll in Skills for Online Learning – ICT 095. a half-credit, tuition-free course consisting of four hours of face-to-face contact and four hours of online work. Find out more here. Testing FAQs.

How to enroll in online courses:

Choose the online courses you want to enroll in.

Make a note of the prefix and class number. (Example: BUS 100)

Register for the online classes you wish to take
by phone, online or in person.
  • ONLINE COURSE REGISTRATION : Following the instructions on the page. Return here when done . Submission of the online class registration form does NOT guarantee enrollment in classes. A confirmation email will let you know if you are enrolled.
  • TELEPHONE : Call the Records and Registration Office at
    (800) 266-7845, ext. 7459 .
  • IN PERSON : Go to your nearest NPC campus/center location .
  • Current students should go to MyNPC . login and register for courses.

STUDENTS who have earned 12 or more credits must declare
a degree/major before registering. Find out more.

Verify your residency status as required by
Arizona state law.

In November 2006, Arizona voters passed Proposition 300. which requires Northland Pioneer College to verify the US residency status of all students. Students who cannot prove legal US residency must be charged out-of-state tuition and may be denied access to scholarships or programs utilizing
state monies.

  • Find out what documents are acceptable.
  • If you live outside NPC’s service area. you can submit your residency verification by FAX to the Records Registration Office . Call them at (800) 266-7845 ext. 7459 for more information.

Pay your tuition and course fees .
  1. You must receive email notification from NPC that you are enrolled
    in the class(es). Submission of the online class registration form does
    NOT guarantee enrollment in the class(es).
  2. Check the payment due date schedule for college tuition and fees
    to see when your payment is due. Failure to pay or to make payment
    arrangements by these deadlines means you will be dropped from
    your class(es)
  • Read about the eCashier Payment Plan . an ONLINE payment option.
  • You can pay by PHONE with a VISA or MasterCard. by calling the
    NPC Business Office at (800) 266-7845, ext. 7480 .
  • Pay in person at any NPC campus or center location

Students may be charged an additional fee for use of electronic textbook materials in some online courses in addition to the Media Fee . The electronic textbook fee will be charged upon initial login to the online course. See the current fee schedule to find out what other fees may apply.

Check to see if you need to order textbooks.

You can order all your textbooks and supplies through NPC’s Online Bookstore . You will need to know the course number for each of the online classes your are registered for. Some online courses may not have textbooks.

You must contact your instructor using your NPC
student email account to start your class.

AFTER you register for an online class, be sure to email your instructor so
that they can give you vital information about what you will need to do next.
Your instructor will NOT contact you! Instructors may require all class
correspondence via your NPC email account.

All NPC students are given an NPC student email account which is official method of communication your instructor will use to send you vital information about your class. Your instructor will NOT use the personal email account you provided when you registered. Your NPC email account information (username password) was sent to your personal email account in the NPC registration confirmation email you received after you registered.
  • To find your instructor’s email address : Choose the semester you are taking classes, click on the department your class is in, find your class and click on the instructor’s name. Start here .
  • Having Computer Technical Issues?

    For technical problems (page not found, unable to connect, etc. ):

    2. Send a help request to the NPC computer Support Center .
      You can call them at (800) 266-7845 ext. 7447 or
      send them an email .
    Still have questions?

    Contact the Internet Registration Clerk at(800) 266-7845 ext. 7459 or send them an email .

    • For questions about how this course fits into your degree/certificate plan, contact an Academic Adviser .
    • For payment and billing questions, contact the NPC Business Office at (800) 266-7845, ext. 7480.

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