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Fastest VPN Service 2015?

You are looking for a really fast VPN for downloading via bittorrent / p2p or you need a fast and secure access to your office-cloud? Or do you want to view Netflix, HBO, Hulu or other Streaming services abroad and avoid their geoblocking? Then you just found the perfect page for you!

We have tested a dozen of the most popular VPN services for their up- and download speed, ping time and other metrics which help you to choose the best and fastest VPN provider for your needs.

Whats important when choosing a fast VPN Service?

Ping time:

Ping time is the time a packet needs from your computer to a Server how fast a Server responds. If you need a fast VPN for gaming or other realtime interaction stuff, you should always choose the VPN service which offers the lowest ping rates. Also choose their fastest Server when you connect. A server near your location is mostly a good choice for a fast connection and a good ping time.

Upload Speed:

If you want to upload large files a VPN provider with a fast uplink is the right one for you. Also if you want to synchronize large amounts of data with your cloud service like Dropbox, Livedrive or Spideroak its much more comfortable to use these services with a fast, encrypted VPN connection.

Download Speed:

If you mainly want to receive data through filesharing, downloading movies from filehosting services / through a newshosting service (usenet) or enjoy the latest episodes on your favorite show on Netflix a fast download link is your friend.

How we tested the speed of the VPN services

We tested every VPN Service twice one time on a brand new Macbook Pro and a 50 MBit connection from at home (50 Down, 10 MBit up) and the second speed test on a Windows server with 32 GB RAM and a 1GBit connection in a fast Datacenter.

We used two different Speedtest-Services: and each one has unique features and speed testing algorithms. Take a look at the large connection graphs from to get a better picture of how the speed of a VPN connection develops over time. We published graphics from the speed tests with each service in the details of the VPN services.

In the big chart you see the median value of the upload- / download rates we got from a specific VPN Provider in all tests combined. There is also the median value for the Ping-Time. If you click on View Details , youll see the details to the speedtest as well as the fastest Ping time, fastest Download Speed and fastest Upload Speed. So you can see which upload- / download speed the VPN Provider offers on a specific server depending on your needs. Each country, city and server has a differnet speed, we can only give you a rough estimate on what the maximum is you will reach with a VPN Service. Please take a look at our detailed tests before you buy.

Because of the nature of the internet, it is not possible to to a speed test and get exactly the same results.

Time matters!

The speed of a VPN also depends on when you use it if thousands of other users are watching the soccer championship at the time when you want to start downloading you might have a hard time on every VPN service. Of course most services are faster during the night than during the evening-hours where a lot of people are sitting in front of their computers.

So if you test it for your self (as most services offer a trial version) make sure that you do your speed tests at the time of the day where you need the VPN connection most. Also take time differences into consideration if you need the VPN in china for example but you test its speed at home in the United States.

How to choose the right VPN service?

Choosing the best or the fastest VPN service is a task that requires some comparison between different options apart from the VPN speed.

Sit back and relax: We have only tested good, reliable VPN services from the Top 20 VPN Services worldwide. So you wont make a bad decision with any of the VPN services we listed. There are more than 200 VPN services on the net right now and we already choose only good ones.

But there are sometimes huge differences between the VPN providers and lots of criteria to consider. Only you know which ones are most important for you.

Take the following criteria into consideration when you choose your VPN service:

  • Number of Countries with VPN Servers ( which service/website do your want to unblock?)
  • Filesharing / P2P / Bittorrent allowed? (some do, some dont, others support filesharing only on servers in specific countries)
  • Available Protocols (PPTP, Open VPN, L2TP, Chamaeleon (proprietary)
  • Number of Servers worldwide (to switch servers if one is overloaded)
  • Client Software usability and features
  • Number of IPs to choose from (for scraping or filesharing)
  • The Price of course ( Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly rate )
  • Customer Support (in your language available? via chat, email or only via tickets?)
  • Company location (jurisdiction, data retention?)
  • Logging policy (Full Logs, Provider Logs or Zero Knowledge)
  • Number of simultaneous connections
  • Traffic limit
  • Fast Upload Speed
  • Fast Download Speed
  • Ping Times
  • Money Back Guarantee (or free Trial Version?)
  • Payment Methods (anonymours options like Bitcoin to increase your privacy?)

Do your own test for free!

Take your time to consider your options and make a final decision after due consideration. Due to the strong competition in the market, many fast VPN services offer free trial versions. Get a free trial and test the connection speed yourself for free

Most providers offer a free trial version of their service for a few hours or days. You can easily test the VPN services yourself and choose the one which fits your needs best without spending a dime. Just remember that you have to cancel the free trial in time to save your money.

Network Speed Tests Sites for your own VPN Speed Test:

  • Great Speedtest with detailled results as graphics
  • One of the most popular Speedtests by Ookla
  • – Speed Test with Servers in France, India and Romania
  • – Good and versatile network speed test and connection performance test
  • –A great Speedtest website for the uSA
  • – Test your fiber Internet with Verizon Fios
  • – USA Provider AT T´s network speed test
  • – Another Speed Test Web Application
  • – Speedtest especially for VOIP Connections
  • – Sonic ISP´s Speed Test
  • – Reliable Speedtest for Europe, Asia, USA and Australia
  • – Test your broadband speed with ZDNET
  • – Speedtest App provided for Java, Flash and as mobile App
  • – US Cable Provider Comcasts´s own Speed Test

And if you dont want to do your own test?

Check out our comparison-table to see which one is the fastest VPN. Click on the names of the VPN services in the menu above the table to get detailed information about the features of each VPN provider.

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