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Moodle in English

Hi Antony. Even though our project has been on a GoDaddy vIrtual dedicated server for a few years, I am new at taking the reins. We are migrating to a newer, bigger server at the moment and I am learning via being tossed into the deep end. lol.

It may be the blind leading the blind to a degree, but I can share what I have learned so far once i get our migration settled down. Our flavior is RedHat Fedora instead of CentOS, so not everything that I might pass along might apply to your operating system. My project is at You will find my open office hours and link in the left sidebar where the Welcome graphic is. My contact information isin the test just above the FAQ video and plastered in other places at the site as well. Just look for Tammy Moore conatc information.

1. Virtual dedicated is definitely faster.

2. SSH is your friend. Start learning how to use it. Your server should have an SSH interface. Nearly every difficulty I have had in this migration would have not been a problem had I had greater knowledge of SSH. SSH is a little intimidating since it is command line instead of a graphical user interface, but push yourself to get comfortable with it.

3. GoDaddy support is freindly, but at the virtual server level they assume you know what you are doing. Support staff is generally not trainined in on many of the questions and needs that you will face. You will really have to dig in and figure out a lot of stuff on your own. They do have an Expert Hands service that charges $50 for 30 minutes if your issue is server side and basic install. Definitely touch base with their docs. Some are a little thin on step by steps and some are terrific.

Re: installing moodle on godaddy virtual dedicated server

Четверг, 16 Июнь 2011, 01:56

OK, our site is now migrated and upgraded to the newest 1.9.x version. I still have a good bit of catching up to do on the things that I couldn’t get done whil migrating the site, but I wanted to encourage you to give it a try on a virtual dedicated server.

Are you going to be starting from scratch with your Moodle as far as courses and enrollees go? The steps will be quite a bit different depending on the answer.

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