Jul 8 2018

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Unit-Dose Medication Packaging Solutions

Delivering a full range of quality unit-dose medication packaging equipment and materials

Customized for a Range of Market Segments

Serving the unique needs of pharmacies, hospitals, extended care facilities, and many others

A Global Leader in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Providing unmatched quality and service to customers worldwide for over four decades

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Welcome to Medical Packaging Inc.

Complete Medication Packaging Solutions

Pharmaceutical packaging equipment

Medical Packaging Inc. (MPI) is a leading global manufacturer of unit-dose medication and pharmaceutical packaging and labeling systems, equipment, barcode labeling software, and MPI-certified consumable materials. Since 1971, MPI has been providing top-quality products, custom-tailored medical packaging solutions, and outstanding service to customers worldwide. At MPI, we are proud to meet the needs of medication packagers in a variety of market segments, from independent pharmacies to long-term care facilities, hospitals, and many others.

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Markets and Care Settings

Pharmaceutical packaging equipment

Hospitals and Acute Care

Our unit-dose medication packaging and labeling systems for hospitals and acute care facilities are carefully tailored to each customer s unique needs. Meeting a full range of pharmaceutical packaging requirements, our medication packaging machines and materials are premium quality and our products are available individually, in bundles, or as a complete, customized solution to meet virtually any requirements.

Pharmaceutical packaging equipment

Extended Care Pharmacies

We offer unit-dose medication packaging and labeling systems which are uniquely suited to packaging oral solid and oral liquid medications in seven-day or less cycles in extended care (EC) and long-term care (LTC) pharmacies. Our medicine packaging and labeling machines and materials are perfect for maintaining compliance with the CMS-mandated short-cycle dispensing model in LTC/EC pharmacy environments.

Pharmaceutical packaging equipment

Small Pharma

MPI serves small pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract drug manufacturing organizations with liquid cup unit-dose packaging systems that are capable of delivering high-quality, FDA-compliant packages at a low price point with an easy-to-use design. Our medicine packaging solutions for small pharma customers are perfect for lower-volume products that cannot be run profitably on high-speed packaging lines.

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