Mar 14 2018

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Medical Packaging

Pharmaceutical contract packagingSouthPack understands the critical requirements for pharmaceutical packaging, including security seals, and tamper evident and tamper resistant features.

As with any pharmaceutical product, sterilization is always paramount. Every product should remain completely sealed and uncontaminated until the exact moment of deployment. With our pharmaceutical packaging solutions, your medical products are guaranteed to remain in a pristine state until the end user has call for them, completely free of moisture or particulate contamination. Additionally, on the occasion when someone accidently or intentionally compromises our pharmaceutical packaging, tamper evident options are also available. Lastly, as with all of our other packaging solutions, our lines are completely customizable to any specific requirement you might have.

SouthPack offers flexible, reliable and secure packaging manufacturing solutions for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Packaging types include blisters, trays, and clamshells, along with a fully secured facility, so your product gets to its destination without compromise. Let SouthPack show you the vastly superior products and services that we have to offer!

Call 888-SOUTH03, Ext. 16 (888-768-8403) or contact SouthPack now to see how we can solve all your packaging needs.

Medical Packaging Gallery

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Pharmaceutical contract packaging Pharmaceutical contract packaging Pharmaceutical contract packaging

Pharmaceutical contract packaging Pharmaceutical contract packaging

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