Aug 3 2017

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7 th Annual Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe 2017 2 – 3 November, 2017 | Park Plaza Victoria | London, UK

End the multichannel madness.

Pharma marketing is growing up. Disconnected silos are being fused, and agendas are being combined with sales, digital, and marketing teams—all of which are communicating more effectively than ever.

Through all of this, two things are being realised: the patient is the beating heart of the healthcare industry, and maintaining patient health and wellbeing is now pharma’s raison d tre.

After a period of great introspection, pharma companies are looking for new ways to develop the ecosystem that exists around prescribed medicine, to move from an era of selling to an era of understanding. Make sure you join the 200+ senior pharma executives who are coming together to plot the route for the next stages of the movement:

  • Customer relations are the key to everything: Find out why prioritising healthcare solutions is the surest way to win the trust of physicians and patients—and the loyalty of payers
  • Don’t buy into multichannel madness: The louder you shout the less people hear. Discover why pharma’s route to success is first listening, then being truly selective
  • Why the customer journey is king: Discover why ‘presence at every touch-point’ should be pharma’s enduring mantra
  • Real-time in no time: Find out how data pertaining to patient diseases will open the floodgates to golden marketing opportunities and drive new healthcare solutions
  • Powerful conversations: Hear why patients feel the psychological and social aspects of disease are as important as the medical
  • Tech time: How sensors, mobile, PROs and wearables are feeding directly into electronic patient records, and encouraging behavioural change

It’s an exhilarating time, with the industry straddling a great river of change. Digital innovations aren’t just altering the way people do things, they are changing the way patients think about—and manage—their own healthcare.

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What our Delegates are saying

A great event to understand how the industry can advance, get in contact with stakeholders, benchmark externally and identify trends in pharma.

Maria Quatchadze, Regional Marketing Effectiveness, Merck

A great investment. I came away with lots of food for thought and useful contacts. The speakers were overall of a very high standard, covering the inspirational and the truly pragmatic from both within and outside pharma.

Helen Thompson, Senior Sourcing Manager, Amgen

Overall very worthwhile; a lot of stimulating presentations and discussions.

Oliver Fairweather, National Sales Manager, Biogen

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Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe 2017 2 – 3 November, 2017

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