Sep 28 2017

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Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course

I had an outstanding experience with Manhattan Prep in getting ready for the GMAT. I took the full nine week class with Sergio Frisoli, who was not only an excellent instructor in the classroom but also went above and beyond by making himself available outside of class via phone or email. Although I had not been in a classroom in several years and the idea of a three hour weekly session seemed daunting, the way Sergio ran the class was so engaging that I never really noticed the time going by. He mentioned at the beginning of the nine weeks that he had been a teacher prior to going to business school, and his experience clearly showed.

While Manhattan has a set curriculum the instructors follow, Sergio (and, I would imagine, other instructors) don t just stick to a script; they always make time to answer questions and customize each session to fit what the students need. This flexibility made my experience that much better and had a huge influence on my score.

Speaking of scores. I started the course cold with a baseline score in the low 600s. I sat for the exam twice and ended up with a score over 700, which was my target. Getting the nearly-100 point improvement was great, of course, and is ultimately why people take prep classes in the first place.

But when I think of Manhattan, I will most remember my experience after the first time I took the exam and I did not do very well. Even though class had been done for several weeks, I reached out to Sergio and he responded immediately with several really helpful pointers about what to do in the couple weeks before I took the exam again. I even got an unsolicited email from him the night before the test, just wishing me good luck. While I haven t used another prep service so can t say this with 100 percent certainty, I highly doubt you ll be able to find a better, more personalized experience than the one you get from Manhattan.

Joined: May 2017
Purchased Course: Sep 2017

College: UNC Chapel Hill
Major: Management/Business Administration

Industry: Consulting
Country: United States

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I took this course without having taken the GMAT before. I didn t know anything about the format of the exam or the questions when I started it. With this in mind, I had high expectations. From the very beginning, Dan and Chris were thorough and methodical in their approach. The first week consisted of explaining the entire format of the test, how each section is scored, how we should structure our study time, and the logic behind the syllabus. I found this very useful because from the outset I was able to develop a long term plan of how I could tackle the various components of the exam.

Personally, I struggled the most with the math at first. I found the study guides somewhat useful for reviewing the basic math skills that I hadn t used in a while (exponent rules, geometry, etc). That being said, the most useful tool was access to the GMAT Navigator. This tool in conjunction with the Official Guide helped me brush up on my math skills and get my timing down to the second. The verbal lessons provided were also very useful. Dan and Chris broke down the thought process behind each question and this helped me form a consistent method of attack on the tricky CR Q s.

The Post Course Assessment was arguably the most helpful component. After you take 3 practice exams and complete the course, you are scheduled a 30 minute one-on-one session with an instructor. I did mine with Chris and he helped me target exactly what the pain points were, develop a study plan leading up to test day, and give me strategies to use as I studied. The PCA was critical to my success on the exam.

Finally, I should say that I found the MPREP practice exams significantly harder than the actual GMAT and the GMAC practice tests. This is a good thing. While I was quite frustrated throughout the course, my lower scores on the MPREP tests made me keep pushing myself. In the end I beat my target score on the real exam by 10 points! Huge thank you to Dan and Chris for an excellent course.

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