May 17 2018

Man named Martin Shkreli arraigned in same court as Pharma Bro – NY Daily News, world pharma news.#World #pharma #news

Man named Martin Shkreli arraigned in gun-running case before same judge presiding over the Pharma Bro’s trial

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A man named Martin Shkreli (r.), who is charged with money laundering, was arraigned in the same courtroom and by the same judge as the Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli.

There was finally some action in Brooklyn federal court Friday for not one, but two guys named Martin Shkreli.

Hours before the infamous Pharma Bro learned he was convicted on three of eight counts in his securities fraud case, another man named Martin Shkreli was arraigned on money laundering charges in a sprawling gun-running case.

The bizarro-world proceedings happened in the same room with the same judge who handled the Pharma Bro trial for the past month.

Prosecutors say the other Martin Shkreli, 59, was one of eight men in an arms trafficking scheme busted when its ringleaders sold serious weaponry to undercover law enforcement agents — including more than a dozen AK-47s and an anti-tank rocket launcher.

The crew also laundered about $800,000 in drug money, prosecutors say.

The Shkreli accused of money laundering couldn’t suppress a grin Friday morning when he stood up to identify himself in court. He wasn’t the only one amused. There were a few chuckles in the courtroom.

The other Shkreli was sitting behind Pashko Shkreli, the Pharma Bro’s father. His 34-year-old son wasn’t in the courtroom to see his namesake.

The lesser known Shkreli pleaded not guilty through his lawyer.

The Pharma Bro is represented by attorney Ben Brafman and his firm. So is Dilber Kukic, one of the accomplices charged in the other Shkreli’s case. Brafman appeared for Kukic during Friday’s arraignment.

After the proceedings, the other Shkreli said he’s heard of his younger counterpart, but never met the guy.

Reporters asked the not-so-famous Shkreli, who was released on $200,000 bond, what he thought of the extra attention.

I don’t need that kind of fame, he said with grin.

His lawyer, Brian Waller, whisked him out of the courtroom before his client could answer more questions.

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