Jan 31 2019

LTC Tree, Long Term Care Insurance Quotes, long term care insurance quotes online.

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Long term care insurance quotes online

Long term care insurance quotes online

Long term care insurance quotes online

Long term care insurance quotes online

Long term care insurance quotes online

Long term care insurance quotes online

LTC Tree | Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance is a retirement planning tool used to protect your assets from the high cost of needing Long Term Care services such as Home Health Care, Assisted Living, Hospice, Adult Day Care or of course Nursing Homes. With the national average annual cost of around $87,521 per year for a Nursing Home, it would not take many years to spend a large sum or all your assets on care.

LTC Tree can help you learn about this insurance and shop the entire market of LTC Insurance companies. Ready to drill down and learn more? If so, click here to visit our core Long Term Care Insurance page.

Who is LTC Tree and how do we work?

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LTC Tree is a nation-wide network of agents who work with all the major Long Term Care Insurance companies. We help our clients shop the entire market to find the best company at the best price. Our efficient virtual process is 180 degrees from what you would expect from a local agent.

As a general rule, local agents are still stuck in the past and insist on an old-school face to face three hour sale presentation or an hour long plus boring virtual presentation at your computer. Not us. With LTC Tree, we will mail all of the top company s information direct to you and include side-by-side cost comparisons of the top six to seven companies. You then can review it comfortable at your home on your own time. Click here to learn more about LTC Tree.

Learn More About Long-Term Care Insurance

The Long Term Care Insurance learning process with LTC Tree will be an easy process and we encourage you to take your time. First, we will help you learn about the core product so you can see if it might be an appropriate tool for your retirement plan. Then, we will help guide you through all the various companies and their LTCI policies so you can find the perfect fit.

LTC Tree has the most current and comprehensive LTCI information on the web, so you ve found the right source. Let us know if we can help, thanks!

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