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LA Pharma Oxandrolone

QUESTION: What can you tell me about LA Pharma Oxandrolone? Is
this good stuff?

ANSWER: The LA Pharma products seem to have a good reputation, and have been fairly popular in Thai pharmacies for several years now. You do need to know, however, this is an underground lab. They are not a licensed producer in Thailand; just very popular there. I never directly recommend the use of underground products, given the inherent risks and uncertainties with unregulated products. So I won t here. I can only convey the common feedback. To that end, people don t seem to be complaining much about these products. Legitimate pharmaceuticals under the care of a doctor, are always preferred. This is a discussion that will probably not be very relevant for long. Word from Thailand is that the LA operation has been shut down, and the owners of the lab have fled the country and are presently on the run from police. Authorities in the Thai government have been cracking down on the domestic market for steroids and other drugs of abuse in recent months. Many of the unlicensed and underground steroid products (like the LA Pharma items) have been disappearing. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. Thailand does have a robust selection of legitimate pharmaceuticals to choose from. Nearly all of the popular steroid compounds will still be available from licensed companies.

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