Mar 13 2018

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Companies Hiring Employees Internationally

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Pharmaceutical headhunters

Companies operating on a global scale, offering international jobs, increasingly dominate certain sectors of the economy. While the multi-faceted conglomerate is no longer the investors favorite, multinationally operating specialist firms, such as pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, automotive, software and financial services companies have an increasing impact on our working lives. As an employee, we might speak English in our working place, while living in Belgium or in Switzerland. We might have a German boss and Spanish subordinates or the other way round. Decisions within the company are made on a global scale with product manufacturing in China, software development in India, engineering and research in the UK or Germany and an administrative back office split between Kenya and South Africa, while the headquarter of the company is in Holland.

These positions are restricted to current residents of

This is a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator position. As a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator, you will be given tasks that are generated from your personalized content based on your Google account linked to your Gmail address that you use to register with Leapforce. Ideal candidates will be highly active users of Google’s search engine and other products.

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Executive Recruiters and Companies for International Jobs

Ph:+44 (0)1737 236500

English, other languages; UK and International

29/31 Palmerston Road

Ph:+44 (0)1224 573359

Fax:+44 (0)1224 577361

English, other Languages, International and Nationwide

2266 KA Leidschendam

Ph: +31 70 317 8400

Fax:+31 70 320 4760

English, other Languages International, Europe, Middle East, Nationwide

Looking for Qualified and experienced Support Staff, Engineers and Managers covering Project Management, Project Controls, Project Engineering, QA/QC, HSE, Commissioning and Operations

Oil Gas, Power, Petrochemical

Contract Financial Analysts and Financial Team Leaders to work on International Assignments

A Johannesburg, South Africa CPA firm, with additional offices in the USA (base), is looking to hire contract Financial Analysts and Financial Team Leaders to work on 3 to 4 months assignments in the following cluster countries:

Botswana, Namibia, Viet Nam

Mozambique, South Africa

Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi

Pharmaceutical headhunters

Pharmaceutical headhunters

Pharmaceutical headhunters

Pharmaceutical headhunters

Interested candidates should send their resume and documentation by e-mail to


Portuguese Speaking – Based Anywhere in Brazil

Be part of a global team to evaluate and improve search engine results for some of the world’s top internet search engine companies! We offer a competitive pay rate and flexible work schedule while working online remotely .

We are Appen Butler Hill a language technology solutions and consulting firm, recognized as a global leader in the quality, range and caliber of its expertise.

Pharmaceutical headhunters

Pharmaceutical headhunters

The Rйsumй and your Application for a Job

It can simply not be overstressed how importance the rйsumй is in any job application. The Resume and Cover Letter is the first contact point between a potential employer or his executive recruiter and a candidate. Thus, the quality of presenting yourself to a potential employer or an executive recruiter is crucial in your job search. Remember, you have, maybe, 5 minutes to convince your counterpart, when he looks at your rйsumй, that you are the person for the job. That is why having a top professionally written rйsumй is an important investment!

There are numerous good rйsumй writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones we have tested at our Resume Advice Page . The offers are all good quality, but vary in price and you get what you pay for!

You should also be aware that many of the top executive recruiters will not accept unsolicited rйsumй’s/CV’s. You might be lucky that they have just contracted a client looking for exactly your qualifications. But, as a general rule, they do not keep your submission on file, except if it is for a specific job.

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