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Job hunters who are looking to break into medical sales will quickly find that there are a number of job boards available. Each board is a bit different and each has its own pros and cons. Here we will discuss six of the most popular job boards for medical sales or medical device sales, along with costs and value to the medical sales job hunter. (And you are a hunter, not a gatherer, right. )

On this job board, candidates have access to hundreds of jobs advertising for direct-hire positions. all on one site. Because the traditional recruiting model is bypassed, you have a much better chance of getting your resume in front of the decision-maker for a specific medical device hiring company or manufacturer. This site offers you the convenience of an efficient and targeted job search.

  • Hundreds of medical sales jobs are posted
  • Users can search by Keyword, Company, City or State
  • Memberships are FREE
  • PROS. Convenience you don t have to go to dozens of company websites and repeat dozens of searches; Jobs are updated daily from more than 50 medical sales companies; Only job board that focuses on medical sales positions offered by companies (instead of recruiters)
  • CONS. None has the most longevity of any job board on the Internet and, as such, is one of the most trusted and heavily-utilized sites. This site has a combination of direct hire and recruiter-based positions, though most medical sales opportunities are posted by recruiters.

  • Over 10,000 jobs are posted
  • Users can search by Compensation Type, Job Location, Product Category, Primary Function, Market Segment and Minimum Compensation
  • Memberships cost $19.99 for 1-month access, $29.99 for 3-month access or $52.99 for 6-month access
  • PROS. Most job postings available for medical sales jobs
  • CONS. Heavy focus on recruiter-based opportunities; Concern over “bogus” postings or positions

Gorilla Medical Sales is another site that has been heavily utilized by recruiters. This site is geared towards entry-level positions, though users will find a variety of sales positions advertised on this site.

  • Over 3,500 positions are posted, most of which are for medical sales jobs
  • User-friendly interface, where job hunters can search by Medical Category, Minimum Salary, Job Function, Location, City and Job Level
  • For candidates, month-to-month memberships cost $19.99 for the first month and $8.99 a month thereafter, a 3-month membership is $29.99 and a 6-month membership is $49.99
  • PROS. Emphasis is on medical sales jobs
  • CONS. Heavy focus on recruiter-based opportunities

Top Dog Medical Sales is another job board used by recruiters, and it has been around for a long time. This site offers a wider range of positions in the healthcare industry.

  • Over 6,000 jobs are posted, but less than 400 are for medical sales positions
  • Can search by State, Category, Salary, and Function
  • For candidates, month-to-month memberships cost $14.99 for the first month and $7.99 a month thereafter, a 3-month membership is $29.99. a 6-month membership is $49.99, and a 1-year membership is $54.99
  • PROS. A large number of total positions for the cost of membership
  • CONS. User interface is not as friendly; A small percentage of opportunities are for medical sales jobs and there is a lot of repetition for similar opportunities

Medzilla is another popular medical job board utilized by both employers and recruiters, with a focus on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science, medicine, and healthcare professions.

  • Over 3,000 jobs are posted
  • Can search by Profession, State or City
  • For candidates, the cost of membership is FREE
  • PROS. Medzilla is free for job seekers
  • CONS. Very few search parameters; A relatively small percentage of positions are for medical device sales jobs is another job board used by recruiters, companies, and hiring managers. This site is more specific to medical device opportunities in sales, design, and engineering.

  • The site claims to have over 1,000 positions posted, but with the broadest search parameters there appears to be only a few dozen job listings for sales positions
  • Users can search by Keyword, Job Title, or Company and by City or State
  • This site is FREE for job seekers
  • PROS. Free to medical sales job seekers
  • CONS. Very few opportunities with less traffic than other sites

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