May 11 2018

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pharma ad agencies

Pharma ad agencies

Social Media Advertising Included

Pharma ad agenciesPosted and mailed to our members on Linkedin Groups

(30 groups – 500,000+ members and growing) (250,000+ members – April 2015) Top 50 Linkedin Group for membership

If you have a single job posting and want it posted on 1 or multiple sites in our network. Use this payment option.

Use this link to purchase multiple Job Posting

Just indicate the number of ads you want to purchase and pay.

When you email us your ads indicate what payment option you are

choosing (credit card or invoice/check/wire transfer).

LARGER PACKAGES FOR JOB POSTING (pick any job boards, some restrictions apply)

We will send you an online invoice for payment with credit card or check

25 Job Postings – $105 per Job – $2625

50 Job Postings – $90 per Job – $4500

100 Job Postigs – $75 per Job – $7500

STEP 1 : Identify the Job Site you want your Ad posted on, pick any additional sites

Provide contact/billing information, send to

Payment Terms are Net 30. Ad Rate is $125 per AD for 120 days listing.

Pay online via Paypal or checks to be made payable to:

131 Hall Place, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236, USA

STEP 4 : Will notify you as soon as the Job is posted (typically within 12 hours).

To make any changes or edit the ad, just email us the information.

STEP 5 : Jobseekers will contact you directly after viewing the Ad – through the contact email or website

Site Policies :, Inc. does not make any guarantees of filling the position in the JOB AD.

Refund Policy: We do not provide refunds on ADS, once they have been posted.

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