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Important Message: Fakes & Counterfeit Goods being sold on
We want to make you aware that due to the popularity of Isis Pharmaceuticals we are seeing an increasing number of fake websites and counterfeit products being sold.

FAKE WEBSITE: Please do not purchase from this website or any products related to this website.

Consumer safety is our primary concern and counterfeit products can be very dangerous.
Found a Fake Website? Or a Seller of Counterfeit goods? Let us know!

Please read the ‘Verify Product’ page carefully and if you have any doubts or queries get in touch! Whether you believe that you may have purchased/received a counterfeit product, found a seller on wholesale sites or have come across a website imitating Isis Pharmaceuticals products, please let us know immediately by e-mailing us! We have a dedicated team ready to assist you. Any communications will be kept confidential.

  • Isis orals now available.
  • Isis orals now available.

Welcome to ISIS Pharmaceuticals

Isis pharmaceuticals has a rich heritage in pharmaceutical research and development that has helped place the company on the forefront of hormone replacement therapy. Our products use the principles of bioadhesion and high grade filtration to achieve controlled, sustained delivery of hormones and other compounds that are difficult to administer. Isis Pharmaceuticals products have been commercialized through partnerships and recognition in the pharmaceutical industry.We are now a focused drug development company that is set on being the pioneer of a new era of hormonal replacement for the elite athletes.

IMPORTANT: It has been brought to our attention there are currently counterfeit products claiming to be Isis on the market. We ask our customers to be careful and take into account all the measures that have been put in place on all our products. Shortly we will be adding a section on our site on how to spot the difference from a original and fake Isis product. Alternatively for now please verify your product with the verification code that has been provided. If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


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