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Pharmacy 2017

Industrial pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy Dean

The faculty of pharmacy at King Abdulaziz University participates actively in fulfilling one of the important missions of the University, by providing services to Saudi Society. Among the services of the faculty of pharmacy, the continuing pharmacy education programs, organized by the Continuing Pharmacy Education Unit , stands as one of the most important activities of the faculty. These educational programs are targeted to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and other health practitioners with the goal of providing quality continuing pharmacy education courses aimed at advancing the practice through accessible and convenient programs, giving insights on the innovative use of technology developing and delivering learning opportunities for practicing pharmacy. Furthermore, this unit collaborates with the Saudi Ministry of Health efforts, to measure up to the level of health services provided to Saudi citizens through continuously updating health practitioners in relation to their perspective fields; ascertaining that their performance is of the highest levels; and verifying that they maintain that level of performance.

The organized continuing pharmacy education programs are always accredited by the only authorized party to approve this kind of activities; the Saudi Commission for Health Specialists (SCFHS). The accredited programs, and in addition to the educational benefits, provide, attendance certificates indicating the number of credit hours (CME) approved by the SCFHS. The scientific events of these programs are completely offered by the faculty staff members in different fields pharmaceutical sciences, in addition to experts from pharmaceutical industries, pharmaceutical management and pharmaceutical care practitioners.

Continuing pharmacy education programs 2017

Industrial pharmacy

Dr.Zuhier Ahmed Awan

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies Scientific Research

The pharmacy education in Saudi Arabia has shown a huge development giving the increasing number of pharmacy colleges. Along with that, we can see the trending up demand for pharmacist not only domestically, but also globally. This demand potentiates more and more researches and works to improve the pharmaceutical services and take pharmacy practice in Saudi Arabia to the next level to serve the patients appropriately.

With the advances in pharmacy practice, our main goal will be to keep up updated knowledge and pertinent guidelines in order to provide a high quality pharmaceutical services and evidence-based information. This goal cannot be achieved individually and it required cooperation expert and new pharmacy practitioners.

To coordinate this, I will be honored to invite you to the 16 th Continuing Pharmacy Education Program with the theme of New Insight in Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacy Practice where we have several pharmacy practitioners to share the recent advances in many interesting topics in lectures and workshops, including: Update in type 2 diabetes treatment, New oral anticoagulants, Antibiotics selection, Osteoarthritis ,Drug-drug interaction ,Drug-food interaction

And efficient workshops

  • Adverse drug reaction reporting
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Clinical pharmacist in heart failure
  • Update in dyslipidemia

Finally, I hope you enjoy our educational material with us this year..

Industrial pharmacy

Dr. Ashraf B. Abdel-Naim

Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Faculty of pharmacy KAU

I’m pleased to introduce to our 16th Continuing Pharmacy Education Program with the theme of New Insight in Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacy Practice. This year we have variety of topics with a broad spectrum of specialties presented by several outstanding faculty members in our College of Pharmacy, King Abdulaziz University.

I hope you enjoy this education opportunity that includes:

1. How to select your suitable cosmetic product

2. Brands versus generics

3. Update in type 2 diabetes treatment

4. Insights into newer antidepressants

5. Drug-drug interaction

6. Improving pharmaceutical value: A primer of pharmacoeconomics

7. Metabolic syndrome: an Update

8. Drug-food interaction

9. Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

10. Management of Hyperglycemia in the I.C.

11. Optimizing arterial fibrillation management in E.D.

This is in addition to a variety of interactive workshops, including:

1. Clinical pharmacist in heart Failure

2. Implementing pharmacoeconomic principles in pharmaceutical care

3. Challenges in dyslipidemia management

4. Effect of body on the drug

5. Adverse drug reaction reporting

6. An insight into clinical pharmacist role in critical illness

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