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Indian Biotech Companies and their Job Openings #par #pharma

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Biotechnology in India has remained in infant stage for over a decade. Though the institutional research in Biotechnology never ceased to happen, the job prospects in this industry have only followed a downward trend. Much of it might be attributed to the flooding numbers of Biotechnology graduates/postgraduates every year, with no increase in demand at the level of limited number of “good” Biotechnology Companies. Under such a scenario, any lack of enthusiasm and determination to move against the odds can prove fatal for the future.

Jobs are always there for the deserving, bright candidates, but for that one needs to search them actively and apply to the company concerned, within stipulated time to make a mark!

So, here in this article, my focus is on enlisting some of the companies of repute in India, which are actively pursuing “good” candidates:

1. Biocon
It’s the dream destination for most Biotechnology professionals. Ranked among the Top 20 best Biopharma Employers Globally, Biocon can change the entire anatomy of one’s struggling career!

Click Here for Biocon Openings

2. Dr. Reddy’s
Another Global Pharma giant! working on Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients, Global Generics and Proprietary Products.

Click Here for Dr. Reddys Openings

3. Wockhardt
Another Global Biotechnology Organization manufacturing high quality therapeutic drugs.

Click Here for Wockhardt Openings

4.Himalaya Drug Company
The products of this company have been a household name since decades. They work on a variety of products ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Animal Heath to Nutrition!

Click Here for Himalyan Healthcare Openings

5. Pfizer
Amongst the world’s best research based pharma giant, Pfizer works on discovering, developing, manufacturing, supplying and consulting in pharmaceuticals.

Click Here for Pfizer Openings

6. Novozymes
They are one of the globe’s major enzyme solution providers along with other biotechnological domains.

Click Here for Novozymes Openings

7. Praj Industries
Praj is an innovation driven Indian green technology provider with two major thrusts: entire value chain in Bioethanol and Waste water treatment. Their innovative fermentation techniques and expertise has caught the attention of the industry and research, making them a sought after company both for job seekers and outsourcers.

8. SRL Ranbaxy
Not an alien name for any biotechnology student/professional. They are one of the famous recruiters of freshers.

Click Here for SRL Ranbaxy Openings

9. Cadila Pharmaceuticals
Cadila is a well renowned drug manufacturer in the country. It looks for experienced professionals.

Click Here for Cadila Openings

10. Panacea Biotech
A popular research based health management company, it has various openings in variety of domains.

Click Here for Panacea Biotech Openings

Click on the various domains enlisted on the left side of the page (which opens on clicking the above link), to view the job openings in the domain of interest. The above mentioned link will open the QA/QC domain jobs.

11. Bharat Biotech
An enterprise of Dr. Krishna Ella, it’s an emerging healthcare solutions provider.

Click Here for Bharat Biotech Openings

12. Yashraj Biotechnology
Another emerging private enterprise, actively searching for new talents to hire:

Click Here for Yashraj Biotechnology Openings

13. Asterazeneca
A subsidiary of HCl and now collaborated with TCS, Asterazeneca is a leading pharmaceutical company.

Click Here for Asterazeneca Openings

14. Nestle
A household name in entire world. It’s a leading food products manufacturer. A frequent recruiter of freshers for the post of Nutrition Officers.

Click Here for Nestle Openings

15. Glaxo-Smith-Kline
One of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in India, GSK is a world renowned research-based healthcare and pharmaceutical company.

Click Here for Glaxo-Smith-Klin Openings

These were some of the major and active Pharma/Biotech recruiters in the country. The list includes the names of the well renowned companies in India and across the globe with special emphasis on those with current open positions. The actual number of Pharma/Biotech companies are so many in number that they cannot be included in a single article (One can rather write a directory on the same!). Following is a list (with links) of some other Biotechnology companies, which pursue new talents (though less actively). There are high chances of procuring a summer internship though in the below mentioned institutes. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t ignore these companies either, for these days opportunities have to be knocked out, than to wait for them to knock at your door!

Bioinformatics has also recently emerged as one of the most potent job sectors for Biotechnologists under the light of “Big-Data” being generated out of advancements in DNA sequencing and modelling simulation techniques. A Biotechnologist can find a place in top IT MNCs like TCS, WIPRO, ACCENTURE, IBM, INFOSYS as well, based on his/her profile in Bioinformatics.

Again, the list is not exclusive/exhaustive! It will be updated whatever/whenever new information is researched/received! Till then, I hope this information adds some relief to the anxious nerves.

Thanks and Best Wishes!

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