Feb 14 2018

Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals sales representative.#Pharmaceuticals #sales #representative

To be a patient and physician centric, innovative, best-in-class pharmaceutical company

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Patient centric

  • Excellence in product quality
  • Emerging and unavailable medical needs
  • Patient assistance and affordability
  • Availability at local pharmacies

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Physician centric

  • Provide for 80%+ of physician’s prescribing needs
  • Seamless integration with physician’s office and associated pharmacies
  • Provide best-in-class service to physician and associated pharmacies

Pharmaceuticals sales representative


  • Innovation in product research and formulation development
  • Open science model to drive differentiation
  • Innovative service solutions for patients and physicians

Pharmaceuticals sales representative


  • Be a top 3 domestic pharmaceutical company in each therapeutic area over time
  • Attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional talent


Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was incorporated in July 2016 with an ambition to become a leading provider of healthcare products and services in India and beyond

Founder and Chairman

Mr Sameer Gehlaut, Chairman and Founder of the Indiabulls Group, is one of the youngest self-made first

CEO s Vision

At Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals we want to reshape the Indian Pharmaceutical industry

Management Team

A dynamic team with well rounded experience spanning several decades is poised to take Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals to greater heights.

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Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Cricket at Indiabulls

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Nikhil Chari

Chief Executive Officer

Nikhil Chari is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals. Prior to co-founding Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals in 2016, Nikhil spent the last 18 years in strategy consulting and investing in leading healthcare corporations across the globe.

Nikhil started his career with leading strategy consulting firm, McKinsey & Company with their Global Pharmaceuticals Practice in New Jersey, USA and worked extensively with top global healthcare organizations across the pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare services sectors.

Post his strategy consulting career, Nikhil spent the past decade with leading investment management firms as an investor in global healthcare corporations and worked closely with company Boards, government policy makers and regulators and industry stakeholders to shape the healthcare investment agenda across diverse geographies such as North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa and India.

Nikhil is an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA majoring in Finance and Healthcare Management and a Bachelors and Masters of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi majoring in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Nikhil is also a CFA charter holder.

Pharmaceuticals sales representative

Ranjit Sen

Vice President- Sales and Marketing

Nexpira, Prima, Feminex, Critica, Pedia

With over two decades of hands-on experience, Ranjit has been a part of it all – from Sales to Marketing to Strategy to Cost Engineering to Brand/Business P L to Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) to People Management Development.

He began his journey as a Medical Representative twenty years ago and the Cluster Head he is today is the result of experience and expertise that he gathered along the way; Ranjit literally has worked his way up, developing perspectives that appreciate each rung of the business. He has used each milestone as an opportunity to understand and learn the nuances of various therapy segments such as Gynaecology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory, Anti-infectives, Nutritionals, Anti-allergics and more. The decade that he spent in Brand Management saw him launch and create one 100 Cr plus and several 30 to 50 Cr brands. Each experience enriched him with invaluable insights and deep understanding of various therapy markets, customer groups, business processes and drivers.

His stint in Strategic Consulting helped him understand the complex pharma distribution eco-system and using the understanding, he developed and implemented innovative products streamlining the distribution systems of some leading pharma houses.

A razor sharp business sense and an ultra-alert mind enable Ranjit to create and evaluate multiple scenarios, on the spur of the moment and his thought process is always several moves ahead of his contemporaries. This coupled with knowledge, experience and a strong conviction enables him to take business decisions that deliver success.

“All business situations can be slotted into two buckets, controllables uncontrollables while business professionals have only two modes, Discussion mode Decision Mode; I try to mostly be in the latter mode focusing on the prior bucket..”, is what he says when asked.

This apart, ‘People First’ is the motto he lives by. This mind-set coupled with an extremely strong connect with his peers makes him a leader who inspires trust and commitment. His teams are always more than willing to ride and triumph over challenges if he is by them.

The long and short of it, perhaps he is the rare professional in the industry who brings the precise, incisive and committed military mindset to pharmaceutical sales. No wonder then, even when his decisions seem regimental, they are unquestionably followed with willingness, energy vigour.

Ranjit Sen and his teams are committed to taking Indiabulls Pharma in the Top Five, believing in a simple motto

Sieg Um Jeden Preis – Victory At All Costs!

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