Sep 30 2017

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Massive Open Online Course – Contract Management: Build Relationships in Business

The free online course will be available starting June 19th, 2017. G ain unique ideas and insights into the world of business and trading relationships.

Contract Management: Build Relationships in Business is a free online course, available to all, developed by IACCM in partnership with the University of Southampton, the UK Cabinet Office and Civil Service Learning.

IACCM Australasia Conference 2017 – Melbourne

Becoming a ‘Commercial Powerhouse’: Outsight, Innovation Smart Contracting

Whether you want to test your progress or get started on the journey, this IACCM conference is an event you must not miss. It combines the why, the what and the how of contract and commercial management. Hear from leaders, speak with experts, see the exciting potential. And be inspired!

Automation – Transforming Contracts and Commercial Management

A March 2017 survey by IACCM revealed that levels of satisfaction with current contract management automation systems are low, with a rating of just 4.2 out of 10.

Organizations have struggled to gain adoption and for many, integration with other systems is proving problematic. As a result, functionality is generally limited – for most, the repository functions of accessing and having visibility into agreements are the primary benefit. Download your copy of the newest IACCM research report and find out more!

  • Benchmark your Contract Management process
  • Access world-leading Training Certification
  • Compare optimize your performance
  • Assess your skills or the skills of your team
  • Raise functional performance and status
  • Understand the latest contracting trends terms
  • Boost your career with professional development
  • Join contribute to a global professional community

To enable you to access these benefits there are free and fully account-managed Corporate Membership programs available, offering sponsorship opportunities and bespoke research possibilities.

Just Some Of The Benefits You Get With IACCM Membership

Don’t Miss an Opportunity for Excellence

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